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Monthly Archives: November 2015

7 Ways to Gear up Your Small Business Website for 2016

Are you a small and medium business owner looking for a way to improve your online marketing branding and ROI in 2016? If yes, then read on... Did you know that you have less than 10 seconds to make a first great impression with your company website today? The fact is that start-ups, entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses are struggling hard to keep their heads above the water, let…
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Strategies for Social Selling Using LinkedIn – The Pain, Prescription and Pills Series – Part 5 [Updated]

It's been quite some time since I first published this article keeping in view the struggles of B2B marketers trying to generate LEADS via LinkedIn. Since then, LinkedIn has not just grown into the ultimate sales powerhouse in the B2B segment but has also updated several of its features to a much more sophisticated level, convincing me that its about time to update my previous posts and keep my audience…
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Demystifying Social Selling – The Pain, Prescription and Pills Series – Part 4 [Updated]

Since I first wrote this article, LinkedIn has grown to as many as 380 million active members with new updates rolling out every now and then. So I've updated this article to keep you abreast with the latest on B2B social selling via LinkedIn. In the previous 3 Parts of the PPP series we learnt how to use LinkedIn to build a trustworthy online reputation by setting up your profile…
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