4 Profit Boosting Digital Marketing Trends for 2018


Digital marketing is essential to your growth and success online. There are many moving parts to any marketing strategy, and following the current digital marketing trends for 2018 will lock in a successful year.

Digital marketing is so important that marketers and businesses in the U.S. will invest $113 billion dollars on their digital ad efforts by 2020. But where do you begin?

With so many digital marketing trends and platforms to use for your brand or business, it can get a little overwhelming. To ensure you are getting the ROI you want, you need to keep your ear to the ground.

To speed up your research, we identified a few digital marketing trends for 2018 that will help jump start your new year.

1. Personalize Your Marketing Efforts

Consumers want a more personalized online experience from brands and businesses. The competition is fierce and the brands that serve up personalized marketing messages will find success in 2018, and beyond.

A survey by BCG found that two-thirds of companies expect a six percent increase in revenue from personalized marketing efforts, 10 percent in the tech industry. Companies are also investing big in this digital marketing trend for 2018, spending over $5 million is personalization campaigns.

How do you personalize your digital marketing efforts? To get personal in 2018 with your audience, here are a few tips:

●    Make your email marketing outreach come from a person, and not just your brand.
●    Segment your digital marketing efforts by buyer persona.
●    Retarget your audience by offering deals and promotions based recent purchases, interests & abandoned carts.
●    Engage with your audience on social media, and answer questions in a timely manner.



2. Integrate AI Chat bots in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Chatbots are one of the most popular digital marketing trends for 2018. These AI bots are changing marketing, and brands and businesses, both large and small, are taking notice.

Do you want to connect and engage with your audience in a meaningful way? How about offering customer support in a fast and seamless way? Do you want to increase your brand awareness and online visibility? A branded AI chatbot can do all of those things and more.

In fact, 80 percent of businesses want to have a chatbot of their own by 2020, according to Business Insider. Chatbots can also cut salary spend for sales and support.

Would you ever expect home loans to be an artificially intelligent automation? Well, Ubank thought so, launching the first ever home loan AI bot in Australia.

Chatbots are a cost effective way to automate daily tasks, gather customer insights, and increase sales. The artificial intelligence and machine learning behind chatbots allow them to learn over time, and provide a better user experience.

How do you go about building a branded bot for your business? Well, there are plenty of online platforms you can turn to. ChattyPeople and Botsify are two that allow brands and businesses to build a bot without any coding knowledge.


3. Videos Will Dominate Digital Marketing for 2018

Consumers want their ads delivered in a more engaging and entertaining way. This will make video ads a must for digital marketing in 2018. Videos are also a cost effective and creative way to deliver your marketing message.

Over 50 percent of marketers leveraged YouTube in the overall content marketing strategy in 2017, and the rise of video marketing will continue to rise. In fact, one in two Australians watch YouTube videos. YouTube is just one of many platforms for consumers to connect with
businesses and brands via videos.

Social media videos ads, like Facebook Live Ads, will take center stage in 2018. In fact, over 10 percent of Australians watch a Facebook video from start to finish. This is just below the global average. Also 30 percent of Australians will watch a video halfway, so get your value front and center.

4. Digital Marketing for 2018 Includes Dark Social

The age of social media is nowhere near the end. However, people are sharing and gathering information in new ways, such as within dark social. What is dark social? Good question.

Dark social encompasses socially minded online channels that are less monitored. Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are such dark social channels.

Messenger apps are especially important in the years to come for marketers. With the integration of Facebook chatbots, brands and businesses are able to connect directly with consumers.

For example, Facebook Messenger users can request an Uber without ever leaving the Messenger app. “With the ability to request, view, and pay for an Uber ride in Messenger, taking your next ride is as simple as sending a message (or an animated GIF).”

Other dark social channels include email and native mobile apps. According to research by RadiumOne, dark social now accounts for 84 percent of all outbound social sharing.

Digital marketing is perpetually changing, and businesses that stay up to date on new trends will surely see more growth and success than those that do not.  It can be challenging to stay in-tune to the latest and greatest in marketing, but the above digital marketing trends for 2018 will give you a leg up on your competitors.










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