5 Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2013

The New Year is a time to start fresh, so why not start 2013 by making a few digital marketing resolutions to do justice for your business?

Here are five that we’ve put together, to help make yours a digital marketing success story.

1.  Reassess your current digital marketing strategy

How did you fair in 2012? Were you successful in accomplishing all the goals you set at the beginning of last year? Whatever the answer is, there is always a way in which the organisation’s online marketing strategy can be improved to better cater to its customers taking into account all the recent changes on social media platforms and search engines.

2.  Customise

Study your brand and know it inside out, but more importantly, study your competitor too! Do not replicate exactly what your competitors are doing online. If you are a B2B organisation that may not benefit from sharing photographs, taken using mobile devices, via a social media platform like Instagram, then so be it.  You’re better off sticking to social media channels that work for your industry. On the other hand, if you’re in the B2C sector, ensuring your website is optimised to cater to location-based searches should be priority.

3.  Interaction is the key

Are you doing nothing else but filling up your Facebook and Twitter pages with loads of content that your followers are barely interested in?  Well, it’s time to change the approach.  Ask questions, conduct polls, request them to add their thoughts and make it more interactive.  Also, commenting and sharing from other interesting sources’ SM accounts would also help increase your presence within the community. Online success depends on two-way communication. With more and more people beginning to interact with their favourite brands online in Australia, your way forward depends on your engagement levels with them.

4.  Mobile is the future

Does your company have a mobile-friendly website? Is it customised in the way people use their device?  Does the user have to scroll left and right and struggle with very small buttons?  If yes, it’s time for change!

According to SimpleGeo’s co-founder Matt Galligan, “the future of mobile is the future of everything”.  The astronomical rise in the use of mobile devices bears testament to Matt’s statement.  Further, a recent study by Flurry concluded that mobile users spend 23% of their time on their mobile devices which is second only to the television at 40%.

Have a look at a mobile website solution we provided for a client of ours!

mobile website

5.  Be unique in your approach

There is no hard and fast way to succeed in your online marketing strategy.  Experiment and try to be unique in your approach whilst using trial and error to find out what works best for you.  This will help you build your brand identity online.  At the same time, do touch base with what industry experts, social media consultant firms and online marketing specialists have to say, and work out how their views and opinions are best applied to your business.

Keep your eyes peeled for more awesome updates in the exciting world of social media marketing and digital marketing coming your way!

In the meantime promise yourself to make 2013 the year you STAND OUT FROM THE REST!

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