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5 Digital Marketing Technology Trends in 2015 – All about Mobile, Video and Content Marketing

The digital marketing landscape continues to see changes every year thanks to newer, faster technology. Brands can no longer rely on the methods they might have used even five years ago if they want to reach as many people as possible. Marketers are slowly, but surely, moving over to digital and are expected to spend 33 percent of their budget on digital marketing. If you're wondering where to spend your…
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Mobile Market Domination – An Infographic

Mobile phones might have been around since 1973, but it wasn't until the release of the iPhone back in 2008 that it truly became integrated into people’s everyday lives. Now people are constantly connected to the internet and, in fact, perform most of their tasks from their smartphone. Despite the continuous growth of mobile usage, many companies still have not made their own sites mobile friendly. Considering that 61 percent…
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Although Instagram might trail behind many of the other social media sites in terms of users they are close to the top in terms of user engagement and daily check-ins. Just because your company might not offer visually appealing products or services doesn’t mean you should ignore this social media platform. With 32 million daily users that spend, on average, 257 minutes per month on the site, it’s clear to see why brands…
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