Digital Marketing – A Boon for Small Businesses in Australia

Recent advancements in the digital sphere have revolutionised the world of business in numerous ways. A couple of decades ago, marketing communications were limited to TV, radio and print, which remain very expensive and beyond the reach for many small businesses here in Australia. The situation where big marketing budgets mean more clout for the organisation has changed immensely due to the advent of digital marketing channels. These channels have…
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Real-Time Networking on LinkedIn

Expanding Your Connections via Real-Time Networking on LinkedIn

In the corporate world, networking online has become the key way to connect with like-minded professionals. The social networking platform LinkedIn, plays a pivotal role enabling professionals from a wide plethora of industries to get connected online. In today’s blog post we look at an awesome App which enables LinkedIn users to connect with each other while at networking events such as conferences and trade shows. This App has been…
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linkedin updates

Lets get tagging with LinkedIn’s new mention feature

LinkedIn’s latest feature sees them allow users to tag any of their connections or a company in a status update or in the comments box. This is similar to the tagging feature allowed by Facebook and Google+. When you tag a user or a company (page), an instant notification is sent to the respective person and/or company. This feature no doubt would make interaction easier and facilitate increased engagement. Lets…
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Social Media ROI

Are You Measuring Your Social Media ROI?

Are You Measuring Your Social Media ROI? Social media has revolutionised consumer behaviour in numerous ways making it impossible to be ignored. Your customers are all out there, logging into Facebook, Twitter etc. connecting with friends and family, looking for entertainment and exchanging product/service reviews. The sheer pace of information exchange has resulted in some comparing this phenomenon to “word-of-mouth on steroids”. An organisation’s social media strategy needs to be…
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Getting L.E.A.D.S with LinkedIn just got Easier

With LinkedIn connecting an undisputed 4 million users in Australia, the usefulness of this networking platform has been felt by many a professional. However, for many of us, time is of the essence. As much as we’d like to connect and engage with professionals of our industry and related stakeholders, our “on-the-go” lifestyle makes it difficult to make meaningful human contacts. Now, you can rid yourself of these concerns thanks…
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5 Big Changes

5 Big Changes in Social Media Since January 2013

5 Big Changes in Social Media Since January 2013 The fabulous world of social media has undergone numerous changes during the recent past. Each platform, in its quest to provide the ultimate user experience and to set itself apart as the preferred choice, has evolved continuously. While the channels battle it out, we as users have been exposed to a variety of forms of information exchange, connections and engagement. This…
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Website WOW Factor

Does Your Website Have the WOW Factor?

Your business website is the primary touch-point for your target audience. Whether you have an e-commerce website or use your site to better market your product/service offering, ask yourself whether your website is capable of providing users a memorable experience and prompting them to action. Many a business owner is left wondering, regardless of how beautiful their websites are, why the conversion (converting a visitor in to a customer) rate…
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