LinkedIn be a valuable

Should LinkedIn Be a Valuable Piece in Your Social Media Strategy?

This is a guest post by Jonny Lis of Smart Traffic. There are lots of networking sites these days, and each has its own purpose. Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube are geared more towards visual marketing purposes. Facebook and Google+ are more inclined towards a mixture of text, images, and videos. Twitter, while designed for shorter updates, also supports the sharing of pictures and videos. If you own a business, you…
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tweet tips

10 Tips to Tweet Like a Pro

Twitter is the fastest growing social media platform that enables text-based messaging of up to 140 characters. Our latest blog post, 10 Tips to Tweet Like a Pro, will provide you a brief understanding on how Twitter can be used as a tool to drive success to your social media strategy. Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has gained widespread attention and has attracted more than 500 million registered users…
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LinkedIn in Australia

LinkedIn in Australia | Infographic | Australian stats LinkedIn

Click below image for the full infographic. Australian businesses that haven’t yet included LinkedIn as part of their social media strategy would do well to reconsider their decision. Just as Facebook is a powerful social media tool to promote products in the retail market, LinkedIn arguably has no parallel as an online networking and referral medium. With LinkedIn already passing the 5 and half million members, Australia accounts for 2%…
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Web presence

Is your web presence Social, Local and Mobile friendly?

In today’s context, technological advancements and social platforms have rendered it essential for your website to be built upon three pillars – social media, local search and mobile technology (hence the birth of concept, SoLoMo). These three elements have revolutionised the way business is done, and to not follow suite, is to be left far behind your competition. In this newsletter we attempt to introduce you to these exciting technologies…
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Australia Day

Australia Day – More than just a holiday…

What a day of celebration Saturday was, as all of us revelled in the various events that celebrated everything that’s great about being Australian. Some of us rocked on to various concerts featuring the best in Australian talent, while others took part in a plethora of contests (i.e. thong throwing). A number of new citizens were also welcomed into this great country of ours. Amidst the festivities it is important…
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Social Media Management

10 Social Media Management Platforms

Are you a social media marketer for your business? Then you are probably handling multiple social media channels for your organisation. Apart from tweeting, posting you also need to look at measurements, ROI, and analytics. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could manage the content, the monitoring and management of all the social media channels in one platform? Here are the top ten social media marketing management platforms…
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