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Chrome Reigns Supreme – Digital Marketing Daily

Google Chrome is No. 1 in Australia It is official – Google Chrome is the world’s most popular Internet browser with 43% market share. Australia and New Zealand, together Oceania, and North America are the only regions which have less than 40% of the respective markets. However, even in these regions Chrome users outnumber the rest. source: techfat Windows 8.1 digital download is schedule for release on 17 October Microsoft…
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Australia Day

Australia Day – More than just a holiday…

What a day of celebration Saturday was, as all of us revelled in the various events that celebrated everything that’s great about being Australian. Some of us rocked on to various concerts featuring the best in Australian talent, while others took part in a plethora of contests (i.e. thong throwing). A number of new citizens were also welcomed into this great country of ours. Amidst the festivities it is important…
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