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Watch out for emails scam like this!

Just came across this email today and thought of sharing with my LinkedIn network as it is very easy for most of us to click through a scam email like this and invite an unwanted virus or allow it to store cookies to spy on your PC activities!   Here are 2 steps that I always take before click through any email hyperlinks! 1. Senders eMail address - watch out the domain…
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Social Employee Advocacy: Is All Publicity Good Publicity? Is There A Way To Control What Your Employees Share Online?

Last weekend as I was browsing through my Facebook homepage checking what everyone was up to, my eyes got caught up in this post which had a huge spelling mistake. Let’s just say out of all the spelling mistakes you could make, this was the worst one.  It was a hysterical error, so after laughing for quite some time about it and after taking a few screenshots of it and…
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5 Practical Tips to Survive Cyberbullying without Breaking up with Social Media

Last Friday I got a call from a friend in tears, apparently someone has made a fake Facebook account using her photos and has been sending sexually explicit messages to her friends on Facebook. We later contacted Facebook help center and got it resolved. I was wondering if this is the new form of bullying. Bullying via Social Media? We all remember Amanda Todd, the British Columbia teenager who was…
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Facebook rolls out new page design! – Digital Marketing Digest

This week on our digital marketing digest we see a major redesign to Facebook Business Pages. We also look at some interesting facts about Facebook and content marketing. Facebook rolls out new page design! image source: Facebook's latest design change on its pages is coming to affect to everyone around the world this week. The much expected change which was announced 2 months ago has brought up several handy changes…
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Facebook and YouTube are dominating mobile traffic – Digital Marketing Digest

The latest in the digital sphere sees Google overcome Apple in the battle of the brands. We also get to know about the behaviour of mobile users and the newest addition to the G+ family. Facebook and YouTube are dominating mobile traffic image source: If the website you most visit via your mobile phone are YouTube and Facebook then you aren’t alone. It has been found that nearly one third…
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Google+ Adds View Counts on Profile Pages – Digital Marketing Digest

This week in the world of social media marketing, we have seen one major update and an experiment on a feature which is thought to be sacred! Keep reading to know more. Google+ Adds View Counts on Profile Pages image source: Google+ has decided to drop showing the number of total page +1s and to show the total number of views of the user's profile, posts and photos since October…
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Twitter enables multiple picture uploads and tagging feature – Digital Marketing Digest

Twitter enables multiple picture uploads and tagging feature image source: In their pursuit to become a more photo-friendly platform, Twitter now has enabled its users the option to upload up to 4 pictures at once and also to tag up to 10 friends per Tweet. Most importantly these new updates will not take any additional characters to your original tweet. Click on the link below for more. Source: Mashable LinkedIn company…
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Want to Get More Retweets? – Digital Marketing Digest

Want to Get More Retweets? image source: The latest Twitter research has found that Tweets which include images gets retweeted 35% and with video links gets retweeted 28% more than text-only tweets. This research was conducted with data pulled from more than 2 million tweets from thousands of verified users. It was further found out that adding a quote, a number or digit, or a hashtag also boosts the number…
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How can mobile apps increase your sales performance? – Digital Marketing Digest

This plus more news on web design and social media via our latest edition of Business Tips to Think Digital series.
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Does Your Digital Marketing Blueprint Have the Power to Impact the Business Landscape?

So how do you structure your Digital Blueprint to create an impact on the business landscape? That’s what I’m about to share you in this article and explain how you can make an IMPACT with your own Digital Marketing Blueprint!
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