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Communicate your strategy – Like a Ninja

How often have you faced issues in effectively communicating a well formulated strategy to the right stakeholders?  Understanding organizations’ strategic plan by all who are involved in the execution is as important as optimally creating it. A well-orchestrated process must be in place to facilitate better understanding of the strategy and the specific roles to be played by different teams. Unless the goals are understood clearly, chances are that you end…
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Social Employee Advocacy: Is All Publicity Good Publicity? Is There A Way To Control What Your Employees Share Online?

Last weekend as I was browsing through my Facebook homepage checking what everyone was up to, my eyes got caught up in this post which had a huge spelling mistake. Let’s just say out of all the spelling mistakes you could make, this was the worst one.  It was a hysterical error, so after laughing for quite some time about it and after taking a few screenshots of it and…
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Can you Ignore Social Employee Advocacy for Your Company?

In a world rife with scams and exaggerated claims, trust is the new currency of business. Established brands such as Coke, McDonald, Colgate and Palmolive have been trusted for years and will continue to earn the TRUST of customers as long as they maintain high product standards and ethical business practices. But how about lesser known organisations who have excellent products and place a high priority on business ethics but…
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