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Content Strategy Health-Check: Taking Your Strategy through an Open-Heart Surgery

Today what we are witnessing is content plethora over the digital landscape. Despite the struggle with resources, time and most of all strategy, brands are publishing more content today than Time Magazine did two decades ago! While most of these brands believe they have a strategy in place, there are content gaps, duplications, lack of direction and several other issues standing in the way of their strategy to perform to…
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Is Your Company’s Social Media Policy Protecting Your Business

Once the “oops” moment goes viral, trust me, there’s very little you can do about it. Has this happened to your company? Without a well-defined Social Media Policy, you are exposed to your own ‘oops’ moments sooner or later! No doubt promoting via Social Media is a powerful asset for businesses trying to grow online and achieve results as part of their Digital Transformation goals. When used correctly, it can…
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Social Media Marketing – I Want To Do It But I Can’t

Business owners and start-ups keen to promote their brands can no longer ignore the importance of social media management and the numerous benefits it can reap for them. Nonetheless, most business owners find it hard to keep up with the competition in term of their social media marketing strategy and its execution, when they attempt to do it themselves. Despite being the most powerful brand building tool today, if not…
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Mobile Market Domination – An Infographic

Mobile phones might have been around since 1973, but it wasn't until the release of the iPhone back in 2008 that it truly became integrated into people’s everyday lives. Now people are constantly connected to the internet and, in fact, perform most of their tasks from their smartphone. Despite the continuous growth of mobile usage, many companies still have not made their own sites mobile friendly. Considering that 61 percent…
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Although Instagram might trail behind many of the other social media sites in terms of users they are close to the top in terms of user engagement and daily check-ins. Just because your company might not offer visually appealing products or services doesn’t mean you should ignore this social media platform. With 32 million daily users that spend, on average, 257 minutes per month on the site, it’s clear to see why brands…
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Which Social Media Platforms Best Suit your Business? [Infographic]

We’ve come to a brand new year and the digital age has continued to affect us by leaps and bounds. One fact that still amazes us as a digital marketing agency is the amount of businesses that are yet to establish a social media presence. The number of social media platforms that we see today is countless. Strategising your social media marketing campaigns can therefore be a confusing task which…
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7 Steps to an Awesome Business Page on Facebook – An Infographic

In Australia, there are over 12 million Facebook users (Source: and over 7 million of them are on mobile every day (Source:! And, our country is one of the top 10 nations when it comes to digital ad spending per person, online shopping and even smart phone penetration. With so much of online activity going on, it makes business sense to ensure your business is represented well on…
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LinkedIn in Australia

LinkedIn in Australia | Infographic | Australian stats LinkedIn

Click below image for the full infographic. Australian businesses that haven’t yet included LinkedIn as part of their social media strategy would do well to reconsider their decision. Just as Facebook is a powerful social media tool to promote products in the retail market, LinkedIn arguably has no parallel as an online networking and referral medium. With LinkedIn already passing the 5 and half million members, Australia accounts for 2%…
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