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6 Facts About Mobile Apps For Small Businesses That Will Make You Reconsider Your Marketing Strategy!

In today’s fast-paced disruptive world of technology, customers always seem to be leaps ahead of businesses trying to reach them! As the growth and acceptance of mobile apps sweep over the millennial generation, more and more SMEs in Australia are adopting it as a crucial element of their mobile marketing strategy. At the same time, this has opened a new door of opportunities for those SME Business owners struggling to…
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Online Engagement Made Easy for Your SME Business: Share Your Story As It Happens!

As a forward looking SME Business, this is your chance to get closer to your target market and interact with your audience on a much more personalised level than was previously possible through other Social Media Campaign tactics. Android in partnership with Facebook, is now making Live Video Streaming feature available for Android users, and that includes your customers too! So, [bctt tweet="if you are running a SME Business, this…
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5 Digital Marketing Technology Trends in 2015 – All about Mobile, Video and Content Marketing

The digital marketing landscape continues to see changes every year thanks to newer, faster technology. Brands can no longer rely on the methods they might have used even five years ago if they want to reach as many people as possible. Marketers are slowly, but surely, moving over to digital and are expected to spend 33 percent of their budget on digital marketing. If you're wondering where to spend your…
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Can B2C businesses afford not to adapt from eCommerce to mCommerce?

With mobile connections reaching over 7 billion, which is almost matching the global population figure of 7.2 Billion (source It is now changing the way we do our business today. Having developed and seen the growth of many eCommerce internet marketing platforms over the years and now into more and more development of mCommerce platforms due to increasing demand and appetite from the user community, I want to explain…
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Mobile Market Domination – An Infographic

Mobile phones might have been around since 1973, but it wasn't until the release of the iPhone back in 2008 that it truly became integrated into people’s everyday lives. Now people are constantly connected to the internet and, in fact, perform most of their tasks from their smartphone. Despite the continuous growth of mobile usage, many companies still have not made their own sites mobile friendly. Considering that 61 percent…
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Mobile Apps and Their Importance to SMEs in Australia

In this week’s edition of our newsletter we will be talking about the impact mobile apps can have towards providing a boost to your small business in Australia. Mobile apps is a widely talked about topic today. With the rapid rise of smartphone usage it has become a leading source of convenience for both business and customers. Be it for product searches, product reviews, purchases, reservations, bookings etc. mobile is…
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From Concept to Market – A Digital Marketing Success Story in Sydney

In this edition we bring to light the success story of Platinum Valet Dry Cleaning and its path to establishing a strong online presence. Launched in 2012 in Sydney by Sam and Jacki Mansour, Platinum Valet is a family-owned business that is committed to providing convenient dry cleaning and laundry services for households and organisations. Those of you from Sydney and around would appreciate the competitive nature of the dry…
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Importance mobile websites

The Importance of Mobile Websites for Business

Did you know that over 70% consumers expect businesses to have a mobile-friendly website? In an era where mobile devices are fast replacing PCs and laptops for a variety of tasks, not having a mobile-friendly website is equivalent to committing business suicide. Consumers continue to do more on their mobile devices, including shopping (looking for bargains, comparing prices etc.), product research (product related feedback on forums and social media channels)…
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Web presence

Is your web presence Social, Local and Mobile friendly?

In today’s context, technological advancements and social platforms have rendered it essential for your website to be built upon three pillars – social media, local search and mobile technology (hence the birth of concept, SoLoMo). These three elements have revolutionised the way business is done, and to not follow suite, is to be left far behind your competition. In this newsletter we attempt to introduce you to these exciting technologies…
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