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5 Social Selling RULES to Tell Your Audience Great Business Stories online!

Story-telling is a term thrown into the boardroom more often than I drink coffee! But have you ever wondered what story-telling has got to do with 'Social Selling' business! Well, the answer is: Everything! Paraphrasing seasoned digital marketer, Seth Godin, people are no longer interested in the products you sell, but the stories you tell! {       this } Why so? As I highlighted in my latest book: Think Digital: The Ultimate…
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Are you harnessing the power of SoLoMo for Digital Transformation?

Paraphrasing digital marketing expert, Peter Drucker: the primary purpose of a business is to earn and retain loyal customers. However, for small to medium business that's easier said than done! Lack of disconnect between the business and its customers results in miscommunication, unfulfilled expectations and of course a waste of time and money. So what can businesses do to deliver an exceptional customer experience? Adopting digital transformation as the essence…
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Digital Transformation Essentials: The Key to Managing Digital Projects for SMEs

Digitisation has become more complex for small and medium businesses. SMEs and entrepreneurs can no longer afford following their traditional ecommerce business models to get more leads. While intranets, social media, mobile, cloud and location based targeting allow businesses to easily reach their customers, rapid changes in these technologies has made satisfying their expectations more challenging than ever! This makes it imperative for businesses to recheck their approach towards digital…
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The Right Way to Use Images to Drive More Traffic and Engagement

For small and medium businesses aiming to achieve digital transformation, the right use of images and visuals can be a low cost high return strategy resulting in greater website traffic and more engagement. In fact it’s also one of the leading digital marketing tactics that can help your blog posts go viral and strengthen your brand identity. Visual content not only gets more social media shares but also tends to…
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Effective Social Media Posting: 9 Tips for Businesses

Social media has been providing entrepreneurs and SME’s a great way to establish an online presence and reach out to their target audience directly and in real-time. However with so much information overload on the customers already, businesses often find themselves scrambling for attention, let alone spurring some level of engagement through their social media updates. Being a social media enthusiast myself and having spent years dealing with the good…
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5 Reasons Responsive Web-Design Will Define the Future of Your Business

How can our customers respond to us when our website doesn’t respond to them? It’s about time we had a reality check! With the explosion in the use of mobile devices, users are now demanding websites that make viewing and action taking on small screens as easy as it is on desktops. Such websites use a responsive web design technology and are called responsive websites, because they respond to the needs of the people…
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Content Strategy Health-Check: Taking Your Strategy through an Open-Heart Surgery

Today what we are witnessing is content plethora over the digital landscape. Despite the struggle with resources, time and most of all strategy, brands are publishing more content today than Time Magazine did two decades ago! While most of these brands believe they have a strategy in place, there are content gaps, duplications, lack of direction and several other issues standing in the way of their strategy to perform to…
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Is Your Company’s Social Media Policy Protecting Your Business

Once the “oops” moment goes viral, trust me, there’s very little you can do about it. Has this happened to your company? Without a well-defined Social Media Policy, you are exposed to your own ‘oops’ moments sooner or later! No doubt promoting via Social Media is a powerful asset for businesses trying to grow online and achieve results as part of their Digital Transformation goals. When used correctly, it can…
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10 Proven Ways to Get More Followers on Google+

Google Plus may not have received the due respect in the beginning but it didn't take long to create an active user base of over 540 million and quickly turn heads of businesses that actually care about their search engine ranking. The social network, that’s still in its infancy, has quickly become the newest arsenal for businesses that want to connect to their fans, prospects, customers and industry influencers.  …
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It Did What? 8 Secrets About Social Media Strategies

Being a digital marketing strategist and trainer, I have spent a lot of time in this field to understand what works and what doesn't. Experience has proved to me time and again that a well-crafted social media strategy is the lifeline of businesses trying to promote their brands online. And so, I can say without a doubt that NOT having a social media plan no longer remains an option. Unfortunately,…
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