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Social Selling – Love it or Hate it, you Gotta LIKE it

This article was well received when I first released it in December, 2013. However with the constant evolution and growth in various social media platforms and having a chance to write my book on digital transformation during this time, I would like to share the updated version of this article with you. Every time you view a post on social media, you probably contemplate whether you should click the LIKE…
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5 Social Selling RULES to Tell Your Audience Great Business Stories online!

Story-telling is a term thrown into the boardroom more often than I drink coffee! But have you ever wondered what story-telling has got to do with 'Social Selling' business! Well, the answer is: Everything! Paraphrasing seasoned digital marketer, Seth Godin, people are no longer interested in the products you sell, but the stories you tell! {       this } Why so? As I highlighted in my latest book: Think Digital: The Ultimate…
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Content Strategy Health-Check: Taking Your Strategy through an Open-Heart Surgery

Today what we are witnessing is content plethora over the digital landscape. Despite the struggle with resources, time and most of all strategy, brands are publishing more content today than Time Magazine did two decades ago! While most of these brands believe they have a strategy in place, there are content gaps, duplications, lack of direction and several other issues standing in the way of their strategy to perform to…
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Social Selling: It’s about focusing on S.H.I.T. and being C.R.A.P. at I.T.

The bottom line for a business of any size today is that unless we focus on Strategically Harnessing Information Technology (S.H.I.T.) available to us, we will lose our competitive edge. What's more in today's information age, we all have to stand out for effective Social Selling of our brand, products and services. In order to do so, we have to be Creative, Reactive, Active and Proactive (C.R.A.P.) at Intelligently Targeting…
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Social Employee Advocacy: Is All Publicity Good Publicity? Is There A Way To Control What Your Employees Share Online?

Last weekend as I was browsing through my Facebook homepage checking what everyone was up to, my eyes got caught up in this post which had a huge spelling mistake. Let’s just say out of all the spelling mistakes you could make, this was the worst one.  It was a hysterical error, so after laughing for quite some time about it and after taking a few screenshots of it and…
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5 Tips to Social Selling Success Using Facebook Likes (The Ethical Way)

According to Social Bakers Australian Facebook Statistics, celebrities like Eminem and Katy Perry rank in the Top 10 of celebrity fan pages with more than 1.6 million fans. So, let’s say you are not as big as Eminem or maybe you own a business but it’s not as big as McDonald's: How do you increase your page LIKES? There are many “Like Exchange“sites available online, but most of these sites…
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Can you Ignore Social Employee Advocacy for Your Company?

In a world rife with scams and exaggerated claims, trust is the new currency of business. Established brands such as Coke, McDonald, Colgate and Palmolive have been trusted for years and will continue to earn the TRUST of customers as long as they maintain high product standards and ethical business practices. But how about lesser known organisations who have excellent products and place a high priority on business ethics but…
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Why Personal Profile Transparency is Important for your Social Selling Success?

Many of my clients have asked me this question, “If there’s one thing I need to get right with social selling on LinkedIn, what it should be?” A seemingly complex question as there are many important aspects to becoming an authority figure on LinkedIn. However my answer has always been, “Make sure your personal profile is transparent and projects the right image to your network.” Why is this important? As…
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Is Your Poor P.R.O.F.I.L.E. on LinkedIn Ruining Your Personal and Company REPUTATION?

As a LinkedIn trainer for the past four years I make it a habit to look at member profiles regularly and what pains me is the lack of effort taken in structuring a profile the right way. What’s even more surprising is that LinkedIn has the tools to make it simple and ensure you have an all-star profile. Why is this important you may ask? LinkedIn has over 300 million…
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New Enhanced LinkedIn Profile for Premium Members

LinkedIn in its attempts to improve the overall user experience has introduced new enhancements to the personal pages of all LinkedIn Premium users. This latest update allows members to stand out among the crowd and showcase their unique personal brand. LinkedIn has introduced 5 types of functional improves. 1. Visual Enhancement: The latest visual enhancement includes an expanded profile header, a larger profile photo, early access to the custom profile…
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