Expanding Your Connections via Real-Time Networking on LinkedIn

In the corporate world, networking online has become the key way to connect with like-minded professionals. The social networking platform LinkedIn, plays a pivotal role enabling professionals from a wide plethora of industries to get connected online.

In today’s blog post we look at an awesome App which enables LinkedIn users to connect with each other while at networking events such as conferences and trade shows. This App has been aptly named “Here on Biz” and is fast becoming one of the most important business Apps for 2013.

The concept sprang from founders Nick Swoot and Allen Hartwig’s pursuit of an App that would take online social networking to the next level and facilitate real time physical connections. Thus, at the core of “Here on Biz” are LinkedIn’s online/mobile presence and a geo-ware component.

“Here on Biz” allows you to make instant contact with professionals who are physically nearby to your location, making one-on-one conferences with fellow professionals possible resulting in widening of your business network.

How it Works

“Here on Biz” is a Social Business App that links both online and offline networking via your LinkedIn profile. You can find this app in Apple’s iOS app store and download it for FREE.

LinkedIn profile

The process is simple – As a LinkedIn member, all you have to do is download the App, and use its “Check In” feature. It automatically identifies others in the vicinity who have also checked in. Checking in can be done in places such as airports, workshops, seminars or anywhere where you think other like-minded professionals will be present.

my profile


Upon checking in, you will receive an update of your LinkedIn contacts as well as others who are using the app nearby. They are mainly categorized into 3 groups who are local professionals, visiting professionals and event attendees.

event attendees

Also once checked in, the chat feature enables users to easily get connected real time just like text messaging. In addition, the app also enables you to keep a track of your colleagues’ and associates’ travels. It also has the ability to connect in a smaller or larger radius within your location base.


Our guys, having used “Here on Biz”, are loving it and they unanimously claim that it opens up networking opportunities like never before. Why not give it a try and let us know what you think? We’d love to hear from you.

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