What Will Be The Evolution Of Website Designs In 2015

I am fortunate to have had opportunities to develop so many different website designs for many different industries during my time at solomoIT. I have also seen the evolution of website design during the past decade. In particular with the popularity of mobile devices and flat screens where website designs have to adapt quickly to take advantage of the flexibilities and scalability of these devices. Prior to discussing the evolution of designs in 2015, let me explain the basics first for the benefits of readers who may not be familiar with the website history.

website design melbourneA related collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files which has a beginning file called home page (index page). An individual, company or organization which owns a web site will tell you how to get their web site by giving you the home page address (URL). From the home page you will be able to navigate to all other pages (inner pages) on a web site. A web page is a document mostly written in HTML and CSS which will contain text, images, graphics, audio and video as well.

Brief Turn Back To The History Of Web Sites

 Web sites have changed quite a lot since its invention. In early 1990’s web sites were getting popular and they were static html sites. We needed to hand code everything to create a static site. So only the web development companies who understood the complexity of these codes developed the web sites therefore updates were happening very rarely.

In the year 2000, a new era of web was unleashed with the invention of blogging. With the blogging tools creating web sites it was become easier to create dynamic sites. In blogging it’s easy to create a web site and the main concept of blogging is, what you see is what you get. You don’t need to write complex hand coding.  You can simply create a blog using blog tools and update them at any time.

web design melbourneManagement Systems was introduced as the next concept of web sites. Again a brand new era begun with the new CMS systems and sites became more user friendly and advanced. The main feature of a CMS is, you will get a back end (admin panel) to manage your content easily and update them without having any coding knowledge. This massive invention took the concept of web to Customization instead of Creation. So creating a web site is just customizing a pre-coded CMS.

Then, the future of the web started moving forward with the power of Social Media which is a great tool for the success of your business. Social Media channels give you aggregated feeds of user information and drives clients to your web site. Clients will be able to follow your Social Media channels and get in touch with your products, services and offers in real time.

What Will Be The Direction Of Web Sites In 2015

So as the web grows up with these trends a lot of competition was created and the most concerning part of a web site became its Design. Since the birth of web sites the design was there but it is maturing era by era.

I predict in 2015, the web site designs will start trending to another level which gives a total rich user interface and more attractive elements with lots of new features.

Let’s talk about the Vital Web Design Trends in 201

  1. Rich, Dynamic Backgrounds – Bigger is Better

Rich Dynamic BackgroundsWe have seen web sites with big background images in 2014. But now it’s getting to another level with Rich and Wide Backgrounds. With the invention of 3D movies and wallpapers, designers started creating cutting edge graphics, which makes the 3D experience better for the users. A fully responsive HD video backgrounds for web sites are also on the way.

Use of beautiful large images are rapidly increasing with centre aligned or responsively. Bigger the image you add will be better for your web site and it will make the first impression a “WOW” effect and it will tell a big story instead of many boring texts.

  1. Flexible Typography – Bigger, Bolder & Better Text

cheap website design melbourneThis tells you the text on the web sites and how they behave. Text on a web site is totally different than a text on a printing graphic. Depending on the screen or the device we are viewing the web site text size is getting changed. This is not a new thing. But the issue we had was that in some screens and devices, the text is getting too small and difficult to read.

So with the new trends of 2015, designers are working on bigger text with nice backgrounds with effects to highlight the text. Bigger and bolder text will be used. And text won’t be smaller on any screen. Text will be handled in a responsive way to fit in a better and bigger way.

There are 3 things that make the text readable.
– Text size
– Line height
– Column width (space for the text)

So in 2015, designers will pay higher attention on them and ensure that the text remains bigger and readable.

  1. Flat Designs Will Win The Race

Flat-DesignsFlat designs were used in 2014 but the use of flat designs will be rapidly increased in 2015 with flat colors. Flat designs have become an attractive yet simple technique for web designs which gives a colorful experience to the user. Using a flat design will make the site smooth and soft without too much contrasting colors.

Flat designs need less design characteristics and highly content focused. However, a practical solution flow to present the contents in a smooth and user friendly way is a must. Use of the colors will always be eye friendly and be able to highlight the important content areas in an effective way.

  1. Simple And Invisible Buttons

website designer melbourneNew trend of buttons is to use simple and clean text without any graphics. So it will look clean and nice. Once the user moves the mouse over the text a nice graphic, background color, out line or animation will appear to grab the attention. This is a cool feature which gives a simple and clean look to the entire site but yet very attractive when mouse moved over it.

And these invisible buttons won’t disturb other graphics or large background images that we are using as the menu is a simple text.

  1.  Scrolling And Clicking

Paralex EffectsParallax web sites were getting popular in 2014 as well and this year will be a new era of parallax web sites with rich graphics and colorful images. Instead of navigating to separate pages you will be moving to the same page with different positions with a nice effect when you click through the menu. Menu will stand still without moving with the page scroll so it will always be visible to you.

Not only clicking the menu, scroll function is also available on parallax designs. If you feel lazy while navigating through the menu you can simply scroll through your mouse and view the entire site. When you scroll the site you will see nice image effects such as image layers and get a 3D kind of experience. You can set the graphics with different layers so those graphics will move separately with the mouse like an animation as well.

So the web sites will be so cool and attractive with this feature and people will love to navigate through the site and stay on for a longer period of time.

  1. Responsive Designs

Responsive DesignsMajor issue that we face in web designing is to get the site displayed properly in different screens and devices. Early days it was a big challenge and the site was not rendering properly on many mobile devices. As a solution for this responsive design was invented and was popular in 2014. There are lots of platforms to go responsive and we can customize the site according to our design. Once the site is designed and developed into a responsive theme it will render nicely on any device. Therefore users do not need to scroll hard or zoom-in to view the information. Font sizes, image sizes and text will be handled by the code according to the device.

This is a cool feature and a great web experience for the user. So in 2015 majority of sites will be responsive with new design features embedded.

What Will Be The Future….

Design trends are changing fast. When a trend gets old the trend will go. But the most important thing is to maintain the design creativity and give the best user experience to the user with easy navigation in less time.

What the designers are doing is identifying the requirement and coming up with ideas and transforming the mixture into graphical interfaces. These will be trends in no time and will set the web standards.

Those who are not changing with the trends will create outdated sites and they will be left far behind on the race. Therefore, if your company website design is outdated, consider upgrading them now.

At solomoIT, my team and I will be glad to assist and ensure your company website design is updated with the latest trends and accessible by your targeted customers from a devices of their choice, whether be a flat screen or a mobile devices at the size of their choice.

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