Understanding Digital Consumer Behaviour For Online Success

The digital age is revolutionising how consumers perceive brands and approach them for their needs. From information search, choice availability and personal preferences to communication with the brand and the eventual purchase decision, everything has changed. Digital consumers have become more informed and less tolerant than they were a decade ago.

However, there is one thing that has remained consistent all through this time. The role of emotions in the consumer decision-making process!

I have spent several years helping SMEs acquire more business by leveraging digital transformation as my ultimate marketing arsenal. The way I see it:

Businesses do not have emotions, people do! People want to be able to feel something when they interact with a brand. Hence, as Bryan Kramer puts it: “There is no more B2B or B2C.  It’s H2H: Human to Human.”

Understanding Digital Consumer Behaviour For Online Success

How can you benefit from this brand seeking digital transformation to strengthen your online presence? By learning how emotional targeting can make your consumers respond positively to their offerings!

Consumer Psychology

Research has shown that decisions made by consumers are not a result of rational choices. Rather it depends on the mental representation of a brand. These mental representations are based on the particular emotions a brand is able to entice in the minds of the consumers. The richer this mental representation is the more likely consumers are to be loyal to a given brand.

Consumer Psychology

Always #LikeaGirl campaign did an exceptional job connecting with its audience on an emotional level and encouraging them to share how girls are unstoppable. They did not sell the product features but demonstrated through story telling why their product matter!

Similarly, Google’s “Parisian Love” tells the story of a person, who went to France to study, fell in love, flew long distance to keep his relationship strong, found a job and finally had a family.

If the world’s leading brands can use this sure shot emotion-formula to connect with their audience, so can you!

The Traditional Buying Process

Have you ever wondered why selling to your consumers was not as successful as it is today? Simply because previously the marketing process was based purely on a logical approach. Marketers used to try creating the need of the product or service in the minds of the consumer based on its features or attributes.

The Traditional Buying Process

This approach makes consumers feel pushed rather than them genuinely wanting the product or service.

The Digital Buying Process

With the advent of internet, more brands are adopting digital marketing as a way to sell their products and services. This has exposed consumers to too many ads and sales pitches with little appeal whatsoever.

The Digital Buying Process

Businesses that want their customers to listen and satisfy their emotional needs, must understand the demands of the current buying process.

Consumers Trust Word Of Mouth More than Information Coming From Brands

Today, SME’s eager to get the attention of their audience often bombard them with direct marketing such as phone calls and emails.

However, there is growing legislation against such tactics and widespread mistrust regarding mainstream information channels. Hence, consumers are simply blocking out advertising messages from their inboxes as well as their minds.

That is exactly where the role of social media and online forums come into play! Such channels help develop opinions about the brands in a genuine way. Digital channels portray the true image of what the brand stands for and how it has been helping people.

Consumers Are Becoming Less Loyal and Less Tolerant

Consumers are increasingly looking for ease of service and more accessibility to the brand. This has made satisfying them even harder.

  • Consumers do not mind going to your competitors’ website if yours it taking too long to load.
  • Consumers do not want to waste time resizing your website’s content on their smartphones when they can get a better experience on a responsive website
  • Consumer do not hesitate to complain on open forums potentially putting your brand’s reputation at risk.

A better user experience can help digital consumers complain less and become more loyal to one particular brand. The more caring you are as a brand the less your consumers will explore options presented by competitors.

Consumers Are Accessing Information through Multiple Touch Points

Today having a website presence is not enough. This is because it is the consumers, not businesses deciding which communication channels to use to access the information.

Research by McKinsey shows that brands with more digital capabilities are able to convert sales at a rate of 2.5 times which is higher than those without it. These digital capabilities are defined in terms of channels (or touch points) used to reach the audience.

Multiple touch points give consumers a greater chance to interact with the business. The more available and accessible a brand is the better will be the consumer sentiment around it.

Understanding the psyche of the consumers in this digital age helps businesses develop a customer-centric approach. Knowing your digital audience helps deliver an exceptional user-experience, create positive word of mouth and reach them right where they are looking for you!

Are you finding it hard to position your brand in front of your new digitally hardwired audience? Do you want to learn the right way to connect with your digital consumers on an emotional level? If yes, then we might be able to help you.

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