Can your Tradie business THRIVE without Online Marketing?

Digital Disruption is taking businesses by storm and tradie industry is no exception! {       this } The only way to survive in this increasingly digital economy, is to ensure you are better than your competitors and you are where your customers are: Online

However, just being online, doesn’t make your phone ring! In order for your tradie business to THIRVE you need a compelling and optimised web presence {       this } combined with the right kind of marketing to become the ultimate go-to professional whenever a tradie job turns up.

But with so much focus on getting the job done, clocking up long hours on the road, do you really have time to work ON your business? That’s where the role of a Digital Marketing Outsourcing partner comes in: Someone who can set your business up correctly the first time around so you can reap the benefits for years to come.

Online Marketing for tradie business Thrive


Are you a Tradie business struggling with your online branding and getting real business? {       this } Having helped a number of Tradie businesses in Australia, specifically Melbourne and Sydney, let me share with you 6 ways your business can THRIVE online!


TransformingTransforming to Digital

As a tradie business owner in Melbourne, you already know how hard it is to compete for business using traditional means of marketing. Unless you can figure out a way to stand out, you’ll get lost in the clutter within no time!

By going digital and having a responsive website for tradie business, no longer renders you invisible to the thousands of clients searching for your services online! With a website you can optimise your online presence to target specific audience and demographics, communicate directly with your clients through enquiry and contact us pages and become a credible source of information and service by continuously updating your website.

Your tradie business website can be the very tool to hook up more clients and grow your buisness online. {       this }


HarnessingHarnessing Social Media

So now that you have levelled the playing field with your competitors by getting a responsive website, what is it that you can do to stand out and be different in the Australian tradie market? {       this }

Yes you guessed it! How you connect with your clients on a personal level that can make all the difference for your online business! {       this } You can create real and meaningful relationships, engage with them, respond to their service requests and address their concerns.

Moreover, social media can serve as a way to showcase your latest tradie projects and thank your clients for working with you! {       this }

Tradie social media campaigns provide you a chance to further establish your credibility by sharing information about your business and having a greater audience pool when distributing promotional deals! In short, social media opens a window of unlimited opportunities for your online business! {       this }

RankingRanking Better In Search Results

What good is your website if no one can ever find it? Effective online marketing for tradies ensures your visibility when someone searches for your service! {       this } For that, your tradie website must be optimised with your business related keywords to be found online when someone searches for Tradies in Melbourne or Sydney.

Since, most of your online customers won’t go beyond the first page of Google, to look for a tradie service, it’s important for your business to have high fist page ranking. Higher ranking websites experience more traffic and conversation rates.


InformationInformation Hub

You cannot reap the full benefits of online marketing for tradies, unless you maintain an up-to-date blog! {       this }

No matter how big or small a tradie you are, blogging can always be great source to drive more traffic to your website and keep your customers coming back for useful information about tradie.


Blog acts as service extension helping you create an online influence unique to your business or niche! {       this }

A blog with lots of informational and educational posts develops you as an authority as compared to your online competitors that are simply relying on a straight-forward website offering their services.

Your services are about you! Your blog is going that extra mile just to help out your customers! {       this }

ValueValue Exchange

Want to reach the next level of success and get more customers calling you and asking for service quotes? {       this } It’s time to exchange money for money!

What do I mean by that? Paid-ads such as the ones you see on Google Search, not only gets you more visibility in addition to your appearance in organic search, but is also a cost-effective way of get better results!

PPC or (pay-per-click) advertising is a proven online marketing strategy for tradies helping you get targeted leads {       this }(you can choose the add visibility to the users that are most likely to look for your service), thereby complementing your SEO efforts and quickly converting them into profitable leads for your tradie business!


EvaluatingEvaluating your Efforts

Online marketing for tradies is incomplete without measurement and evaluation of the overall strategy and how successful has it been to achieve your digital marketing goals. Going by the 80/20 rule,


Your tradie business needs to focus 80 percent of its marketing efforts on 20% of quality leads! {       this }

An online marketing strategy for tradies must not be static, but you need to keep on updating and improving it as per your clients’ needs, technology advancements and well as your evolving business model.



A lot of tradie business owners postpone their plan to go digital only because they are:

  1. Not technologically abreast to identify digital opportunities or lack internal skills to position themselves online.
  2. Don’t have enough capital to invest in hiring permanent staff to look after their tradie business digital transformation
  3. Not able to focus on the marketing aspect of their business because of time constraint.


Progressive tradies are able to get cream of the crop customers by leveraging online marketing {       this } to get more visibility, strengthen brand image and reputation and generate more profitable business!

If you are looking for the same results for your tradie business in Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere in Australia, feel-free to contact us for a 30-minutes obligation free discussion.

Who are we!

At SolomoIT, we are a team of online marketing experts (Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation and Website design and development professionals). With a decade long experience, we are well positioned to support with your local Tradie business needs and marketplace capitalising on our cost-effective off-shore business model. Call us on 0452 330 557 for an obligation free and confidential discussion!

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