Why Video Backgrounds Can Boost Your SME Business Online Branding?

The ability to hit the right chords with the target audience is what differentiates a great online SME business (e.g. web presence) from a good one. And when it comes to boosting online engagement, nothing can overtake videos. {       this }

Video backgrounds – as the name suggests uses videos as the background of the website, usually the home page, first rose to popularity in 2013 and never looked back. Today, dozens of SME Online Branding websites are replacing the traditional image sliders in favour of videos. Video backgrounds can blow a new life in web design and provide better user experience. {       this }

Who Are The Suitable SME Sectors

An effective Website For Small Business that uses video backgrounds can best reap the benefits if their brand philosophy or their message is best explained in video format instead of images or text.

This includes small businesses such as:

  • Design agencies, artists or musicians who need to make an impact and showcase their creativity through videos.

Design Agencies

  • E-commerce websites focused on selling a single product

E-commerce Websites

  • Travel, hoteling, spa etc. websites that sell experiences rather than products or services.

Travel Hoteling

Benefits of Having Video Backgrounds for SME Business Website

A Small Business Website Design that leverages video backgrounds, have plenty of benefits to offer:

Some Important Considerations for SME Business Owners

While video backgrounds look attractive and can help with your brand story-telling like no other way {       this }, it’s important to note that it might not be suitable for every business. For example if you have blogging website that benefits from readership, it might not benefit from video background.

Additionally, videos take more bandwidth due to file-size and hence takes longer time to load – which is a knock against Google ranking. Hence small business seeking to implement video backgrounds must consider file compression and encoding rules.

Are you seeking to implement video background as part of your Small Business Website Design? Talk to us to discuss if this is a viable option for your website or not.

If you are trying to leverage this new exciting feature to increase your brand engagement by multiple folds, we can help!  Talk to us to know if this is the right move for your small business website or not!

At SolomoIT, we are a team of Digital Marketing experts and can assist you in incorporating background videos for your website. We are actively involved in helping SME Business owners seeking to outsource Small Business Website Design and web development services. We have helped a number of small and medium businesses in Australia from industries as diverse as Finance and Real Estate to Food and Tradie businesses, in developing a strong digital presence and generate more leads online.

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