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Google Chrome is No. 1 in Australia

It is official – Google Chrome is the world’s most popular Internet browser with 43% market share.

Australia and New Zealand, together Oceania, and North America are the only regions which have less than 40% of the respective markets. However, even in these regions Chrome users outnumber the rest.

source: techfat

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Windows 8.1 digital download is schedule for release on 17 October

Microsoft has confirmed Windows 8.1 will be rolled out via the Windows Store on October 17th. The company’s blog states the technical release (including boxed discs, new hardware, etc.) to be October 18th (around 10PM Australian time).

source: Microsoft

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Curved screen TV’s – the future of television? 

Samsung has announced a curved-screened television which is set to revolutionise TV once and for all!

At $9,000 will you go for it?

source: Washingtonpost | NBCnews


Ubuntu Edge hits $11,100,000 funding with 3 days to go to hit $32M

The digital world has been carefully following the progress of Ubuntu Edge. With many famous names expressing their support for Edge, which just may revolutionise the smart phone market.

Yes, this will be the first smart phone that will run parallel Operating Systems, Android and Ubuntu! 4GB RAM and 128 GB Internal memory are bonuses too!

The next couple of days will tell if this amazing device is going to be a reality and if users will truly be able to enjoy its power and elegance.

$20M+ to go! Will they make it?

source: iloveubuntu | the verge


Will the next iPhone come with a fingerprint scanner?

With speculations running wild about the new features of Apple’s iPhone 5S, most revolve around the potential fingerprint scanner. Images of what’s said to be the internal components of the iPhone 5S have begun to appear online and they hint that the scanner could be right next to the Home button.

Also, the device is expected to come with Apple’s next generation A7 chip!

The good news is that, all these doubts will be put to rest as the company will unveil the iPhone 5S on the 10th of September.

 source: Mashable | Forbes

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