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Mobile Traffic Mobile phones are accountable for 17% web traffic!

With the rise in popularity of smart phones, it is no surprise that over 17% web traffic now comes via these devices. Asia and Africa lead the way with 26.6% and 23.7% respectively. Do you use your mobile device to access the web?

Source: Mashable

Vine’s got 40 million users! Web Traffic From Mobile Phones

With the battle between Vine and Instgram intensifying, the former stated they’ve got 40 million registered users (up from 13 million in June). However, Instagram, as of July had 130 million active users. Registered vs. Active –> It’s obvious that one trumps the other.

Source: Mashable

googleAlmost every Google product has hidden Easter Eggs!

If you’ve been using Google’s various products, you’ll know, most of their products have hidden gems that are fun and addictive. Here are some that you will love. Ssshh! Do not tell your boss!

Source: Mentalfloss


Google Maps gives real-time updates and Waze gets Google Street Viewmaps

Google acquisition of mapping and turn-by-turn navigation app Waze for USD 1billion in June has brought about interesting upgrades for both as the title suggests. How long it will take for the upgrades to be available to in Australian remains unknown. We’e counting on soon!

Source: Android Headlines

cameraPhotographers alert! The Sony Lens G can be coupled with any smartphone!

The new lens cameras from Sony, Lens G, can be connected via WiFi or NFC with a smartphone.  However, it’s been discovered that they can function as standalone devices, completely controllable without a smartphone. Smart photography just got smarter we’d say!

Source: Androidpit

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