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Google to make cars Google to make cars?

As strange as it may seem, the tech giant has definite plans to start manufacturing cars by harnessing the power of self-driving car technology! They just might give Tesla Motors a run for their money!

Source: Android Headlines


Nokia reigns at home, captures Finnish market!Nokia reigns at home, captures Finnish market!

Q1 data for 2013 revealed that Samsung was the leader in Finland in terms of market share. However, Nokia’s Lumia range of devices have helped the company recapture market share in its home country. Nokia now boasts 36% with Samsung trailing with 34%.

Source: Phone Arena

63% of Brands use Multiple Twitter Accounts63% of Brands use Multiple Twitter Accounts

It was only 2 years ago that there were just 7% of brands were using multiple Twitter accounts to connect and engage with their audiences. Today, an astounding 63% of them use multiple accounts, a massive increase of 800%! Do you use multiple Twitter accounts for your brand?

Source: Mashable

Search for roommates via Livewith.uslive makes the process of finding a suitable roommate easier and much more social. However, it aims to be the next step to searching on Craigslist and not a competitor for the latter! Give it a shot and tell us how it worked out for you.

Source: TechCrunch

teer a Drone using Google GlassSteer a Drone using Google Glass

Blaine Bublitz, from IcedDev, uses a JavaScript code to turn Google Glass into a basic control system for a quadcopter drone! He can control the device by simply moving his head. Check out the video here!

Source: Mashable

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