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Twitter rolls out awesome updatesTwitter rolls out awesome updates!

Twitter’s latest update makes it easier to keep up with conversations on the social network. Now it shows conversations in chronological order. Tweets in a conversation are connected using a vertical line. Along with this, Twitter has also rolled out a ‘report abuse button’.

Source: Mashable

Google rolls out HD capabilities for HangoutsGoogle rolls out HD capabilities for Hangouts

Have some of you noticed video chats in Hangouts a lot more clearly lately? If you have, you’re one of the lucky few to experience Google’s HD capabilities which the internet giant has begun rolling out quietly.

Source: Talk Android

Google Glass enters operation theatreGoogle Glass enters operation theatre

A surgeon from Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center donned the Google Glass during a routine surgery and streamed point-of-view footage live to a group of students on the other side of town. This is the first time a live point-of-view collaboration has ever occurred during an operation using Glass.

Source: The Verge

Furniture that can charge your phone – a reality?Furniture that can charge your phone - a reality?

Although wireless charging has been around for awhile, imagine just setting your phone down on a kitchen table, bedside table, coffee table or desk to charge! Possible, because a wireless charger will be built into every surface you might set your phone on.

Source: Houzz

Mailbox Adds Cloud Search for Gmail and opens links in ChromeMailbox Adds Cloud Search for Gmail and opens links in Chrome

Dropbox’s Mailbox allows you to search all of your Gmail messages in the cloud and locally on your device. Also, now, you can attach signatures to individual emails based on the address that you’re using to send them.

Source: Tech Crunch

Facebook to make cross-platform 3D games easier to buildFacebook to make cross-platform 3D games easier to build

Facebook has expanded its alliance with Unity Technologies to make it easier to build 3D games that work on the social network, whether those games run on iOS, Android, or Facebook’s Canvas platform on the web.

Source: Venture Beat

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