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spiritSelf-destructive Tweets now possible!

“Spirit for Twitter” is an App that lets you schedule your tweets to be deleted within a specified time period. You can add an expiration date to your tweets using a simple hashtag. E.g. #1m, #2h

Source: The Verge


A $7.2 billion affair – Microsoft buys Nokia’s devices unitnokia

Yes, Microsoft has purchased Nokia’s Devices and Services unit, bringing the Lumia lineup under its roof. This unites Windows Phone 8 with its biggest hardware supporter, giving the company the integrated mobile offering it’s been looking for with Surface and other devices and making it a “devices and services company.”

Source: The Verge

FacebookA Bug that lets hackers delete any photo off Facebook

A Security Researcher who discovered a bug, that hackers can make use of to delete any of your photos off Facebook, has been rewarded with $12,500 for his efforts. This goes on to show how Facebook’s bounty program is indeed working following a mess-up a few weeks ago

Source: Tech Crunch

This Drone could save your life!drone

The idea behind the Defikopter (by German nonprofit organization Definetz) is to pick up the slack when human response time is just too slow. This drone parachutes defibrillators to heart-attack victims and emergency responders and is controlled by a GPS-enabled smartphone app

Source: Mashable

iphoneLeaked shots of iPhone 5C packaging

Although we doubt the authenticity of these images due to their lack of clarity, the sheer volume of leaked photos of the iPhone 5C leads us to become believers! The phone is expected to be launched alongside the new iPhone 5S flagship at an upcoming Apple event on September 10

Source: GSM Arena

Google buys Android Smartwatch maker Wimm Labswimm

Looks like Google’s Smartwatch initiatives may become a reality as GigaOm reports that Google quietly acquired Wimm “last year” for an undisclosed sum in an effort to “kickstart” its wrist computing efforts. The Wimm acquisition gives Google access to another valuable asset: the domain.

Source: Mashable

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