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One billion activations for AndroidOne billion activations for Android

Head of Android, Chrome and Apps, Sundar Pichai, announced that over 1 billion Android devices have been activated to date. Another mind-blowing stat is that there are at least 1.5 million activations taking place per day!

Source: Android Central

Android 4.4, aka Android KitKat is upon us!Android 4.4, aka Android KitKat is upon us

Sundar Pichai, Head of Android and Chrome has confirmed that the upcoming version of Android, 4.4, will be called KitKat. To promote the partnership, a new Willy Wonka-style contest offers buyers of specially-marked KitKat packages a chance to win either a free Nexus 7 or a Google Play credit. Check this to see how Android has evolved.

Source: The Verge

iPhone 5S to be launched on September 10thiPhone 5S to be launched on September 10th

Apple has sent out press invitations featuring the tagline “this should brighten everyone’s day” in light of the Sept 10 iPhone Event. Those awaiting the iPhone 5S are in for a treat. Also, if rumours hold true, we will also see the unveiling of the iPhone 5C, a budget version of the smartphone.

Source: Mashable

Bracelet replaces your passwords, car keys, and fingerprintnymi

This awesome bracelet by Bionym takes fingerprint readers, face unlock, retinal scanners and passwords a step further. The Nymi will use your ECG to identify you and offers a whole array of features you might want to check out!

Source: The Verge

Google Glass app store in 2014Google Glass app store in 2014?

Looks like it will be a long wait for those awaiting the arrival of the Google Glass. Ever since its announcement back in 2012, Google has been making constant updates and hopes to release the product to the public in 2014. This will of course be supplemented by the launch of the app storefront.

Source: Phonedog

The world’s thinnest keyboard is 0.5mm thick (or thin)The world's thinnest keyboard is 0.5mm thick

CSR, the company behind the technology in products like Beats Wireless headphones and Nike+, has now created Surface, a thin slice of flexible touchscreen with a custom-printed keyboard on top. The device connects to your tablet or smartphone using a low-power version of Bluetooth and sadly will not be available for at least another year!

Source: Mashable

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