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Two all-in-one 3D Printers announced on Kickstarter

Imagine a machine that can scan, reproduce, and fax copies of real, three dimensional objects. Two companies, Radiant Fabrication and AIO Robotics have both launched Kickstarter campaigns on the same day to make these projects a reality. How much will you pay for one of these awesome devices?

Source: VR Zone

IFA 2013 Berlin day two – Up close with Sony Xperia Z1

Sone promises that the Xperia Z1 will be the best smartphone around. Click here to check out pictures and videos of what’s said to Sony’s flagship product this year!

Source: Android Authority

Chrome releases Packaged Apps

Google officially launched its Chrome Apps , a “new” breed of native/web app hybrid for Chrome OS and Windows that isn’t actually all that new. To celebrate today’s launch, Google added a special section for packaged apps to its Chrome Web Store.

Source: Tech Crunch

Motorola  offers a new way to customise your Moto X

A new Facebook app lets you create a custom Moto X based on the colors in photos from your Facebook albums. When you find a combination you like, simply finish the process using Motorola’s Moto Maker and have your tailored smartphone delivered to your doorstep.

Source: Mashable

Is virtual reality gaming a possibility?

Recent reports indicate that Sony is planning on unveiling a PS4-ready virtual reality headset at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Although the gaming industry itself is brimming with excitement it’s still in early-ish stages of development.

Source: VR Zone

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