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Xiaomi Mi3: the fastest smartphone

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Xiamoi and their soon-to-be Vice President, Hugo Barra (from Android) promise nothing less than the fastest of all time when it comes to the Mi3. At $327 & $408 for the 16 GB and 64 GB models the device would be even cheaper than the Google Nexus models that already shine through for their exceptional affordability.

Source: AndroidPit

Few more hours to go for Apple’s iPhone event!

Here’s what to expect (predictions of course) – the iPhone 5S, cheaper alternative to Apple’s mobile devices, iPhone 5C and iOS7!

Source: Popsci

Your Facebook posts to be given to marketers

Facebook’s investment in collecting structured data may pay off big time, because when advertisers can find out both what you’re saying and who you are, they’ll open their wallets and you might, too. Facebook’s newest APIs let select news outlets view search and see your public posts, plus it tallies keyword mentions and collects the demographic data of everyone mentioning certain keywords.

Source: Tech Crunch

SIGMO – Communicate in more than 25 languages!!

How would you like to communicate with foreigners without any problems during vacations, business trips or wherever you are? Forget about bulky dictionaries and awkward, slow translations on your mobile. SIGMO is what it’s all about!

Source: Indiegogo

360-degree panorama photos in just ONE shot

The Theta camera from Japanese firm Ricoh is the world’s first handheld camera that takes fully spherical photos with just one shot. It has a twin-lens system that takes photos around, above and below the device at the press of a button and will set you back £329. (available for pre-order from October in France, Germany, UK and U.S)

Source: DailyMail

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