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More photo editing tools for Google+More photo editing tools for Google+

Google makes awesome use of its purchase of the Snapseed app to add new photo editing tools to the Web version of Google+ in its Chrome browser. This amazing update is rolling out slowly so not all of us have it. New features include auto enhance, selective adjust and filters. Cannot wait for it!

Source: TheNextWeb | Google+

Little girl finds security flaw in iPhone5SLittle girl finds security flaw in iPhone5S

Apple’s new iPhone 5S features the latest in phone-unlocking security: a fingerprint scanner. While the technology behind it is almost as sci-fi level, one little girl found an obvious flaw in it!

Source: Mashable | Apple

Switching from your iPhone to an Android DeviceSwitching from your iPhone to an Android Device?

Most people were disappointing with Apple’s latest announcements. Also, Android is the undisputed leader in the mobile space. Click here to get an in-depth view of so many areas where Android trumps Apple and why all our guys are using Android!

Source: TheNextWeb | AndroidApple

A fresh mix of Intel-based ChromebooksA fresh mix of Intel-based Chromebooks

Chromebooks were designed to make computers faster, simpler, safer and much more affordable for everyone. Over the coming months, you’ll see Chromebooks from multiple device manufacturers. These include newly designed Chromebooks from Acer and HP, as well as new entrants ASUS and Toshiba.

Source: Chrome Blog | Google

Jumper Cable For Your PhoneJumper Cable For Your Phone

Nomad has launched the ChargeKey, a super-small “cable” for charging your device via any USB port. The ChargeKey connects to your actual key-chain and fits into any USB port. You can then charge your phone or device via USB power and, when you’re done, simply place the ChargeKey back on your key-chain.

Source: Tech Crunch | hellonomad

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