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Watch YouTube videos offline!

YouTube is introducing a feature to its mobile app this November to let you add videos to your mobile device to watch for a short period, even when you are without an Internet connection.

Source : The Next Web

Check out the Sony Bravia Smart Stick

Sony is set to take on Google with the unveiling of its new Bravia Smart Stick which will be debuted later this week! This is a tiny device that works with your HDTV much like Google’s Chromecast. However, it will be more expensive than Google’s Chromecast and will only work on Sony’s 2013 Bravia line of televisions.

Source : Mashable

Your Favorite Apps Are Changing with iO7

Apple doesn’t just change its look on mobile, but implements an industry-wide face-lift. For example, in Chrome, navigation buttons, and textured title bars are getting replaced with more content, gesture-controlled navigation, and single-colored panels. Click here for a few before and after views.

Source :  Tech Crunch

Adobe announces new Photoshop Photography Program

This $9.99/month deal gives perpetual owners of Photoshop CS3-CS6 licenses access to Photoshop CC, Creative Cloud Learn, Lightroom 5, Behance ProSite and 20 GB of online storage, as well as ongoing software updates. Offer expires on the 31st of December!

Source : Mashable

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