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Google introduces new flatter logo

Google has unveiled changes which include a new logo and the introduction of a navigation bar to all of its websites which is to be rolled out during the next few weeks. The navigation bar definitely looks much better but accessing to Google services apart from images and Gmail will have to be done with an additional click.

Source : The Next Web

20 Apps that look awesome on iOS 7

Apple’s newly-released iOS 7 showed us that heavily textured backgrounds and dark colors are out, while soft gradients, thin sans-serif fonts and bright, bold hues are in. Check out Camera+, Twitterrific, Instapaper and Hipstamatic which you may already be familiar with and new stuff like, Perfect Weather, Mail Pilot and Camera Noir!

Source : Mashable

Internet radio for the masses

With the release of iTunes 11 and iOS 7, Apple has officially introduced its iTunes Radio streaming music service. iTunes Radio certainly bears a close resemblance to Pandora, but it focuses less on catering to the eclectic tastes of music aficionados in favor of partnering with the music industry.Unfortunately it is available only to US iTunes account holders for the moment.

Source : The Next Web

Twitter tests new ‘Related Tweets’ feature on the Web

Twitter regularly carriers out small tweaks, and today it’s working on a feature that might increase your engagement: Related Tweets. The feature appears below the tweet box when you visit the unique URL of a tweet, via, where it surfaces related tweets (as the name implies) that share common words or links. It doesn’t appear present on any other apps at this point.

Source : Mashable

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