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Is your business ready for Semantic Search?

Google Search’s shift from boolean to semantic search, will return the best answer to your question, personalised for you based on a variety of signals and factors, including: – relationships you have across the web

– recommendations for boot stores by people you know
– the online reputation of those boot stores from other sites
– how those boot stores are perceived by Google based on the knowledge – it has about them through links, social signals and more Is your business ready?

Source: Websightehangouts

Can the iPhone 5S’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner be hacked?

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC), a Berlin-based group of hackers, announced they’ve successfully hacked the fingerprint reader of the newly released iPhone5S. CCC even posted a YouTube video that shows someone unlocking the phone using a fake laser-printed fingerprint!

Source: Mashable

4 nations and the smartphones popular there

Argentina, Brazil, India and Poland are 4 nations where the Windows Phone is doing better than the iPhone. Click here to find out more amazing statistics on which other smartphones are popular in these nations!

Source: GlobalWebIndex

Apple introduces Kids App Store

Apple seeks to cater better to the kids who have adopted its devices, with the launch of a Kids App Store. Arriving alongside the launch of iOS 7, the Kids App Store store is not a separate mobile application, but is rather a new section within the Apple App Store itself, which now features an added “Kids” category where apps are broken down by age range.

Source: Tech Crunch

Batthead: An AA rechargeable battery that is controllable from your mobile device

Here’s a basic list of the things the Batthead and your mobile device can do:

With your smartphone, instantly turn on or turn off battery-powered gear with the Batthead installed.
Schedule the automatic switching operation of the Batthead based on time-of-day.
Configure the Batthead to automatically switch on or off, based on orientation or movement.
Cause the Batthead to turn on or off, based on proximity to your smartphone.
Have your smartphone notify you based on proximity to, or distance from, your Batthead-powered device

Source: KickStarter

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