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New iPhones set Launch Day records

Amidst heavy criticism regarding the latest iPhones the 5S and 5C, Apple announced that their iPhones sales have topped 9 million units in the first weekend, making it the company’s best iPhone launch yet!

Source: Androidpit

Twitter update sends Follow suggestions via mobile alerts

Twitter will more actively share personalised recommendations about which accounts users should follow. You will now receive push notifications through Twitter’s mobile apps if a number of accounts in your network begin to follow someone new, or retweet or favorite the same tweet.

Source : Mashable

YouTube ‘comments’ get a major update

YouTube implemented a massive overhaul of its often maligned comments section. In the near future, all comments left in the popular video sharing website will be powered by Google+. Going forward, users will see the most popular comments at the top of the list below each YouTube video.

Source: GSMarena

Share your WiFi connection for favours

Hotpotio from the Google Play Store allow you to quickly and easily share your WiFi with friends and acquaintances in exchange for favours. Available options range everywhere from hugs, drinks , to a likes or follows on Facebook/Twitter, or you could even request someone sing you a song. Think of it as one big, WiFi swapping, hippy community.

Source: Phandroid

Google seeks to copy books without permission, legally

Google Inc., owner of the world’s largest search engine, tried to persuade a judge that digitally copying millions of books for online searches without authors’ permission is protected by copyright law. As much as you think authors will be angered by this, surprisingly a survey of authors shows that the majority of authors approve of their inclusion in Google Books.

Source : Mashable

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