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The Smartwatch wars are on!

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2013 has been awesome for wearable technology as a new trend was born. From the successful Kickstarter project that gave us the Pebble to Samsung and Sony’s most sincere efforts to commercialize the category, our choice has never been wider. This trend’s set to continue, with Nokia, Google, Apple, and Microsoft all eyeing the wearable device category. Which one do you prefer?

Source: TheVerge

Apple iPad Event

apple ipad

Here’s a summary of the rumour surrounding the upcoming iPad Event by Apple:  iPad Mini With Retina Display; Faster, Lighter, Thinner iPads; Touch ID; Colors; New Smart Covers; Improved Camera; MacBook Pro Retina Upgrade; Mac Pro, Mavericks OS Launch and Apple TV Upgrades. How many of these would you like to see?

Source: Mashable

Is Loop the future of mobile payments?


Loop is a mobile payments startup that has invented a technology that lets you pay with your phone at nearly any point-of-sale across the U.S., without requiring merchants to upgrade their hardware. You don’t even need those NFC-based smartphones required for mobile payment services like Google Wallet or Isis. Instead, consumers can either use a dongle plugged into their smartphone or a special charge case that is simply held close to the magnetic stripe reader (the place you swipe your credit card) at checkout. Seemingly like magic, the payment processes as if you had swiped your card as usual.

Source: TechCrunch

Twitter’s #Music App on its way out?


Twitter’s #Music app, which offered social music discovery may be reaching the end of its shelf life, according to a new report from AllThingsD. Twitter is “strongly considering” shuttering the mobile app, after its download and usage numbers have dropped precipitously following a respectable launch.

Source: TechCrunch

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