Using Twitter’s DM feature – Digital Marketing Daily

Using Twitter’s DM feature

Using Twitter's DM feature - Digital Marketing

Twitter’s changes to its DM policy is a boon to your social media marketing activities. As a digital marketer you should:

  1. Enable the DM feature so your customers can message you direct
  2. Not start DM’ing people without a strategy
  3. Look beyond traditional customer service benefits

Although these features are available to a few accounts, preparing yourself in advance will help set you ahead of the curve.


YouTube’s commenting system based on Google+

YouTube's commenting system based on Google

You may have noticed that YouTube’s ‘comments’ section isn’t really loaded with useful feedback. However, YouTube says, this new update is to ensure that “YouTube comments will become conversations that matter to you.” Instead of organising comments by chronology, YouTube will now rank them by relevancy, taking into account who wrote a comment, +1s, the number of replies and other signals to surface the best comments. This will help keep track of how your audience is responding to your video-based social media activities.

Source: TechCrunch

Instagram’s first ad generates 370% more ‘likes’

Instagram's first ad generates 370% more 'likes

Four days after fashion designer Michael Kors became the first brand to run ads on Instagram, here’s a peek behind some of the key metrics of the inaugural campaign. The ad has brought more than 33,000 new followers to Michael Kors, which is 16 times more than the average number for the brand’s previous 5 non-promoted posts, each of which were featured on Instagram’s ‘popular page’.

The sponsored post generated 370% more likes than the average of Michael Kors’ last 5 posts, with an estimated 6.15 million users viewing it. Is Instagram a prt of your social media marketing strategy?

Source: TheNextWeb

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