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Latest change in the world of Google+

Google +

The dedicated team behind Google + has come up with its latest development to its social media platform. The latest update sees a revamp in the +1 and share button which has made it stand out and gives a cleaner look. The resized buttons has been introduced bringing in consistency with its already existent Follow and Badge widgets. This update is sure to appear better especially on newer computers, phones and tablets with a higher number of dots per inch. But as Paul Linder, Staff Software Engineer at Google points out, it may vary on IE 8 and Android Gingerbread browsers.

Source: GooglePlusDaily

The MAGIC of Twitter


Imagine a scientist who is in charge of a research project of finding out a breakthrough product. And now, what if you were provided with the very essence of the research details filtering through all the noise and esoteric details and put it in front of you in 140 characters in simple and comprehensive terms?

Yes, that’s simply one minor example on how the magic of Twitter can help you enlighten yourself on anything and everything you are passionate about, interested or is your hobby. Twitter enables us to peep into the minds of other people who’ve got similar interests and gain insights that were never before possible.

Source: TechCrunch

Personalise your parcel deliveries with “Video Stamps”


Australian Post has decided to make your parcel deliveries more personalised than ever before. The latest App, known as the “Video Stamps”, enables you to add a personal video message pasted on the parcel you send.

It is available for free every time you purchase any Express Post or Express Courier International item from any participating Australian Post retail outlets. All you need to do is simply collect the Video Stamp form with the sticker to place on your article, then scan the corresponding QR code in the Video Stamp App and start recording your video which is to be recorded within 12 hours of sending the parcel.

Finally, the recipient needs to scan the QR code or the 8-digit code to view the personalised video.

Source: Ausdroid

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