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Google+’s Latest Visual Refresh

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In Google +’s latest visual refresh, it has made an uplift to the cover photo on desktops. Going away from its cover photo improvement trend of making the image bigger each time, they’ve taken the step to reduce the size with the same 16×9 ratio.

Further to it, the information section which was usually seen at the bottom of the cover photo has now been set together on the left of the image, resembling the Google+ hovercard seen when hovering the cursor on a profile or page. And the profile tabs which were above the cover photo have been moved to the bottom of it.

Source: GooglePlusDaily

Google’s new addition – Moto G


Motorola has introduced its latest mobile device – Moto G – catering to the emerging market of low-cost smartphones that runs on Android 4.3 “Jelly Bean”. It’s features include

1. 4.5-inch HD screen with 1,280 x 720 resolution
2. Dual sim
3. Customised colors
4. Lightweight – 5 ounces and much more.

The main idea behind this product as per Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside is to provide a better choice of smartphone for the people. He said “Up until now they’ve had a choice: Buy a cheap phone with last year’s tech, or a used phone. We don’t think that’s fair, we believe we’ve given them a better choice.”

Source: Mashable

Android Continues its dominance in Smartphone Market


The latest stats on smartphone shares sees Google’s Android OS increase their marketing share to 81% which is more than a 6% increase as per the same quarter in the previous year according to International Data Corporation (IDC). Powering 4 out 5 smartphones is a truly amazing achievement by Google as iOS and blackberry continue to go down in their shares.

Windows phone has also enjoyed a notable increase as it posted the largest year-over-year growth worldwide of any kind of operating system by going up 156.0%, mainly thanks to Nokia.

Source: TheNextWeb

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