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Facebook tests a new chat feature

Facebook tests a new chat feature

Facebook is actively looking out at options to develop its messaging app to keep the product evolving. This is clearly visible with the reports of Snapchat declining an offer made by Facebook of $3 billion to acquire the messaging App.

Facebook’s tests on a new feature sees them trying to let you identify not only which friend of yours is online but also whether they are using desktop (web) or mobile version of Facebook. A spokesperson from Facebook said the main idea behind this test was to provide a better understanding on where your friends will receive your message.

Click on the link to read more about this feature which may provide a bit of cachet which the product has somewhat lost.

Source: TechCrunch

How to choose a gift with less pain


Do you always feel lost when trying to decide on a gift for someone? The Present.Co, a UK-based start-up, promises to numb that pain-point.

All you need to do is to link the service to your Facebook account so it can gather interest-graph and demographic data of the person whom you want to choose the gift for. As an alternative, you could even fill out a simple survey with the recipient’s name and their interests without connecting to Facebook.

Since most of us are, more often than not, faced with the indecision of linking external apps to Facebook, click to find out their promise against spam or data misuse and more.

Source: TechCrunch

Qualcomm to debut button-less Toq Smarwatch

From smartphones the shift to smartwatches is slowly but surely gathering pace. Chip manufacturer Qualcomm is ready to introduce its limited-edition Toq smartwatch on the 2nd of December, 2013, which comes with a reflective, low-energy Miasol screen which enables you to view it in bright sunlight.

This touchscreen smartwatch displays notifications for texts, phone calls and alerts from various apps.

Source: Mashable

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