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Google’s Project Link

Google's Project Link

Out of the 7 million who are alive today only 2.7 billion are connected to the internet. Google is one company that has always strived to take that extra step with previous projects such as project loon to provide internet to everyone. The search giant’s latest initiative sees them trying to provide high speed, more reliable internet to places affected with inadequate and nonexistent infrastructure areas which offer slow and unreliable internet access.

This is to be carried out through fiber-optic networks and it would allow local internet and mobile service providers the ability to offer enhanced services to their customers.

Source: Google

Instagram is finally on Windows Phone


We’ve come across many Windows Phone users who used to frequently whine about the operating system not supporting one of the fastest growing and increasingly popular social networks, Instagram. Well, it’s finally happened.

General Manager of Windows App Store told Mashable, the great built-in camera experience will definitely aid users when using the number one social-networking-plus-photo app on their platform.

As the downside of it, video capturing and uploading, tagging photos and viewing geotaxis are some functions that are not yet supported.

Source: Mashable

Pinterest enables pins with location


Pinterest’s new feature sees them enable content to be pinned with a location and then laid out on a map. This feature enables the social network users to plan on trips like never before and create guides to their hometowns which are both frequent activities.

This is to be launched on web, iOS and Android systems simultaneously.

One of the primary ideas behind this introduction, as to CEO Ben Slibermann, was to “inspire people to go out and do things they love”.

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Source: AllThingsD

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