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Latest update by Google Maps


Google maps now not only allows you to get directions, identify important landmarks or practically view any location from your computers, but it’s added a great feature for practical use in terms of letting you preview international travel with images of airports, railway and subway stations.

This new feature rolled out today currently covers international transit locations such as airports, train and subway stations, cable car stations in Hong Kong and even the inside of an A380 plane in Dubai.

This is definite to make travelers’ lives easier as it enables them to familiarise the points of transit. The map above shows where the current locations are situated and is expected expand with Street View imagery.

Source: TheNextWeb

A Smartphone by Lamborghini for $4000!


Can’t afford a Lamborghini? Then why not a Lamborghini Smartphone for $4000?

The Antares is an Android Smartphone made out of stainless steel and leather and is inspired by the luxury sports car. It is also known to be a limited-edition with the initial launch expected to happen in China and Russia next month. It is then expected in the US, Italy and the UK in Spring 2014.

As per a release for the device, it targets the high income men and women who demand for the highest quality in both look and performance .

For details on specks and more, click on the link.

Source: AndroidHeadlines

New Experiment by Twitter?


The latest experiment from Twitter sees them trying to predict which tweets are to go viral in real-time. It seems to be quite similar to previous experiments @magicstats and @eventparrot.

This new account with the name @magicstats has its bio updates as: I favourite the best tweets I see in real-time.

The account is not yet confirmed by Twitter as official after them declining to comment on it when contacted. But since their policy on experiments is still in effect as notified recently via a blog post, it is highly likely they are the masterminds behind it.

Click here to find out how it really works.

Source: TheNextWeb

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