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Google Chrome apps will soon be just a click away!

Google Chrome

Want to test an app but annoyed by the hassle of having to download it? Then Chrome is about to make it easier for you!

Google’s Chromium team is working on way of enabling you to launch an app by just clicking on a link. Ephemeral Apps as it is called, is sure to come in very handy for all you Chrome users. Click to read more on this.

Source: TheNextWeb

Drones will be your Tour Guide


Finding your way in a campus that you’ve newly entered can at times be a daunting task, and especially if it’s over a 168 acres. Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Senseable City lab have come out with a drone that would lead you to wherever you want to be within the campus. Skycall, not only directs you to your destination, but also points out important landmarks along the way.

To make this work, you simply have to download the SkyCall App to your Smartphone and call the robot which would then track the GPS location and would fly to you. For more on this amazing invention, click on the link below.

Source: Mashable

Android Holiday Buying Guide


Do you have an Android fan in your family? What are you hoping to give him/her this Christmas? If you haven’t decided on it yet, you are definitely in the right place as we bring to you an Android Holiday Gift Guide.

The below link to the article gets you covered on phones, tablets, screen protectors, cases, earbuds, headphones and many more.

Source: AndroidHeadlines

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