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Twitter comes up with retargeted ads


The latest roll out from Twitter will see retargeted ads which would be aided by browser cookies. Sources confirm that it might happen as soon as tomorrow as it has already passed the experimental phase of this new introduction. A cross-device identity layer would allow Twitter to target the ads on mobile based on where you’ve been on the internet. This would enable consumers to see ads which they actually would want to see.
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Source: TechCrunch

More than 2 million online accounts hacked!


How safe do you think you are on online? The latest hacking spree has seen more than 2 million Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts been compromised. The reason has been identified not as a fault of any of of these companies’ weaknesses, but the users having the malware installed on the machines and had their passwords stolen.

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Source: Mashable

Introducing Amazon Rocket!


Just as we thought that drones were the next best thing, Amazon comes with a more advanced product. Forget about the drone delivering their products in 30 minutes, this new gadget would enable Amazon to get the job done in 5 minutes. Currently it is faced with obstacle such as weather, regulations and other drones that hack and take over their drones.

Source: TheNextWeb

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