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Facebook rolls out auto-play feature!


Are we the only ones who though the Facebook News Feed is becoming boring? Just days after making the auto-play feature live for mobile users, Facebook confirmed that “we’re continuing a wider rollout of in-line video on web” after the auto-play feature was spotted by some on Facebook.com.

This feature only affects videos directly uploaded via Facebook and videos shared through Instagram, and they do not loop. YouTube and other external video links do not auto-play giving Facebook-hosted videos an advantage.

For more on this and how Facebook News Feed might change in the future, click on the link.

Source: TechCrunch

Top 10 YouTube videos of 2013


With the year 2013 coming to us, everyone reviews their performance.

Here’s YouTube’s annual list of top 10 videos of 2013. The Google-owned video site has seen another year filled with viral videos and it is now estimated to have more than 6 billion hours of videos watched each month.

Click to find out if your favourite video is in the list.

Source: TheNextWeb

Twitter ads targeting Broad Match


Twitter continues to enhance its ad feature with the latest way of targeting users using “Broad Match” keywords. This feature enables you to target based on 2 words that are linked to express a sentiment.

For a much deeper understanding of this new method, click on the link to understand how 2 words with related terms, stem variations, synonyms, misspellings and slang can be targeted.

Source: Mashable

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