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CES 2014 – Introducing Pebble Steel


CES 2014, the gathering of people and businesses who thrives on consumer technologies, will commence today in Las Vegas. One of the main talking points about this 4-day gathering will be the growing popularity of wearable technology.

It all started in last year’s CES conference where the Pebble was first introduced. This year the second edition of the Pebble is expected to be introduced amidst great expectations.

With more than 300,000 watches already on the wrists of consumers, the demand for it is definitely on the rise. Pebble Steel, the second edition, will for the first time have its very own open platform for sharing apps optimised for wearables.

For more details on the specifications and design, click on the link below.

Source: Pebble

Bringing Android to your drive


Bringing Android to your ride is the latest initiative from Google. It has already managed to create an Open Automative Alliance with some of the leading automobile manufacturers.

This would see the car you use to know which maps you’re checking through your smartphone and automatically displays it on your vehicle’s dashboard. It also lets you listen to your favourite music during your drive via streaming.

Click on the link below to know about this latest initiative.

Source: Mashable

What if you were able to purchase not only the Smartphone of your choice, but also the OS?


The latest from Microsoft sees them looking at the possibility of letting users pick the operating system (either Windows or Android) they desire after the device of their choice is purchased.

This news comes after the rumour of Microsoft offering dual boot options for Windows and Android, and also waving off their usually charge.

Letting consumers choose the operating system does have its complications in which Microsoft are currently working on.

For more on this, click on the link below.

Source: TheNextWeb

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