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Latest Update from YouTube


In an attempt to make the service more accessible and to help better identify playlists, YouTube is rolling out its latest set of changes.

Streamlining the viewing of playlists will enable users to play any song off it right from the guide screen of both your playlists or of other channel’s playlists.

For more on this and the rest of the updates, do click on the link below.

Source: TheNextWeb

Risks of Posting on Social Networks


Alongside all the good things social networking has brought us, it has not failed to make us open to various risks such as identity theft, cyber bullying, real-world threats, etc.

It is with little thought most people provide their personal details to social media sites in which a quite a number of them are visible to public in default.

Making aware of the risks of providing too much information online is definitely something we thought we should make people aware of.

Click on the link below for some interesting details.

Source: TrendMicro

How to Write Engaging Content


“Content is King” and it doesn’t look like changing. But improving the quality of content is what most people are interesting in doing but fail miserably.

Asking the question “why” is the most basic and important question to answer before publishing any of your content. To find the answer and for a series of other useful tips on how to write engaging content, click on the link below.

Source: SlideShare

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