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Twitter enables multiple picture uploads and tagging feature


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In their pursuit to become a more photo-friendly platform, Twitter now has enabled its users the option to upload up to 4 pictures at once and also to tag up to 10 friends per Tweet. Most importantly these new updates will not take any additional characters to your original tweet.

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Source: Mashable

LinkedIn company page to drop Product and Services Tab


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LinkedIn will, on the 14th of April, remove the Product and Service Tab from company pages.

This included a sliding image that was enabled to be linked to your website, an embedded video and a list of your company products and services. This new change is expected to see company’s increase the use of showcase pages.

For more on this update, click on the link below.

Source: LinkedIn-Makeover

3 steps for your business to succeed on mobile


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Did you know that on average a mobile user checks his/her phone a whopping 150 times a day? With mobile interaction increasing rapidly, it is important to understand how a quality mobile presence could help boost your business. Here are 3 steps.

Source: Forbes

#More #Hashtags = #Less #Interaction


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In a Facebook company page, the more you use hashtags, the less likely you are to attract interaction, says latest research. Click on the link below for a detailed chart on how the average interaction levels drops per Facebook post when the number of hashtags one uses increases.

Source: Mashable

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