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The latest in the digital sphere sees Google overcome Apple in the battle of the brands. We also get to know about the behaviour of mobile users and the newest addition to the G+ family.

Facebook and YouTube are dominating mobile traffic


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If the website you most visit via your mobile phone are YouTube and Facebook then you aren’t alone. It has been found that nearly one third of all mobile traffic is accounted by YouTube and Facebook during the early part of 2014 according to a report by Sandvine.

Facebook’s high upstream traffic has seen more photos and videos uploaded to social media than ever before, while YouTube’s downstream traffic also continues to be high.

Source: Mashable

Google+ expands automation with the new Stories and Movies features


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Google+ has decided to expand its automation services with the all new Stories and Movies feature. This new feature enables travellers to create digital travelogues easier than ever before as you no longer have to sift through all the photos to find your best shots as it curates hundreds of videos and pictures from your vacation to a usable digital record.

This feature has already been launched and is just another attempt from the social media giant to differentiate itself from other popular social media channels.

Source: Cnet

Google! The most valued brand in the world!


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One of the latest studies conducted by BrandZ shows that Google has edged Apple as the most valuable brand of the year. The fight which saw Apple come trumps last year has seen these 2 companies run away from the rest of the pack with both having more than $145 million brand value with number 3, IBM, lagging way behind at just over $107 million.

Other noticeable changes see Facebook drop 10 places to number 21 while Samsung has risen up 1 place to number 29.

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Source: Mashable

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