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This week on our digital marketing digest we see a major redesign to Facebook Business Pages. We also look at some interesting facts about Facebook and content marketing.

Facebook rolls out new page design!


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Facebook’s latest design change on its pages is coming to affect to everyone around the world this week. The much expected change which was announced 2 months ago has brought up several handy changes especially for marketers.

For an in-depth look at these changes, click on the link below.

Source: hubspot

Employees are your key to content


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Content marketing is becoming an increasingly important way to promote relationships with your customers, and employees today can play a key part. Co-relating your employees’ knowledge with a proper content marketing strategy can benefit your viewers tremendously.

For more on this, click on the link below

Source: convinceandconvert

5 mistakes small businesses make on Facebook


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If you’re a small business trying to make it in the big stage, a Facebook page is one of the first marketing tools everyone establishes. But are you as a small business owner making the best use of it?

Here are 5 mistakes that small businesses should avoid.

Source: techslingonline

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