From Concept to Market – A Digital Marketing Success Story in Sydney

In this edition we bring to light the success story of Platinum Valet Dry Cleaning and its path to establishing a strong online presence.

Launched in 2012 in Sydney by Sam and Jacki Mansour, Platinum Valet is a family-owned business that is committed to providing convenient dry cleaning and laundry services for households and organisations. Those of you from Sydney and around would appreciate the competitive nature of the dry cleaning industry. When looking for a desired service most of us simply search online, and the dry cleaning industry too is no exception. Standing out from the crowd is always the key.

With their services being provided online, it was imperative for Platinum Valet to have a solid digital presence, encompassing social, local and mobile platforms. While brainstorming the best way forward, Sam searched online for a suitable digital marketing agency and the rest as they say is history.

Their idea of not limiting themselves to being a physical outlet helped tremendously for them to see continuous business growth. This provided a competitive advantage over some of the other Sydney-based dry cleaning companies. Following our initial consultation with Sam and Jacki, their requirements were clear.


–  Customised presence online for all computers, tablet devices and smart phones

–  Detailed description on the website about the services provided and the areas which the company operates

–  Convenience to place orders online and have prominent “call to action” buttons

–  Increase awareness and improve brand image on selected locations

–  Search engine optimisation to obtain a high search ranking

–  Social media services to increase online presence and to build an engaging audience

Back at the drawing board, the solomoIT team brainstormed various ideas based on the above requirements and got to work straightaway.

The Process

–  Highly functional and user-friendly E-commerce website which enabled customers to easily place their dry cleaning and laundry orders which included a fully automated CRM system

–  Incorporating a gift card and coupon system in the website

–  Development of mobile and tablet-friendly website

–  Creation of social media accounts in selected platforms to gain maximum engagement

–  Search optimisation on selected keywords to make sure search engine ranking of the site was high

–  Continuous monitoring and reporting of online performance



In September 2012, the same time the organisation commenced business, the Platinum Valet website went live. Work on the website launch was conducted efficiently with the designing part done using Adobe Photoshop CS5. The development of the website was done using PHP framework and MySQL.

The client was mainly concerned about how convenient it would be for their customers to place an order. The order placement system that solomoIT developed was key as it gave its customers a user-friendly experience. The client convenience aspect too was taken into consideration where the location and the quantity of orders made were easily identified. This enabled the organisation to easily manage its resources while the free pick-up and delivery system was able to be carried out smoothly.


Mobile Website

A mobile website in today’s business bears a very high importance as according to statistics more than 70% of the customers expect business to have a mobile-friendly website.

With convenience being key, we set live the mobile version of the Platinum Valet website in January 2013 using the same softwares used for the website.

It possesses a “call us now” button which enables customers to instantly contact the company for support. It also has the ability to get a quote for your required service. Furthermore, it provides the customers the ability to subscribe or log into their accounts which satisfies their convenience-seeking customers.



As a dry cleaning services provider based in Sydney, Platinum Valet was required to come up for searches related to dry cleaning in Sydney. We were able to build and optimise the website for search engines targeting key phrases including the main keyword Dry Cleaning Sydney for which is currently ranked on the first page on

This alone is an enormous achievement which has enabled the business to bring in a large number of inquiries and sales.

Social Media

The social media strategy was initiated for Platinum Valet first by choosing the most appropriate social media channels according to the industry. Suitable imagery was posted consistent with the branding which helped give out a single image of the brand. The social media accounts have seen continuous growth in its level of followers with engagement levels picking up. It has been successful in generating a considerable amount of leads via the selected networks.

platinum facebook

The social media strategy of Platinum Valet also plays an important role in managing the company’s online reputation by ensuring industry related information is communicated to the community along with answering queries of customers and prospects.

As this wraps up the success story of an online dry cleaning and laundry services expert in Sydney, you too can enjoy such success by enrolling with us for our integrated digital marketing solutions.

Client Testimonial

“When we launched Platinum Valet Dry Cleaning services online, we realised the mountainous challenge of setting ourselves apart from the intense competition that’s the hallmark of the dry cleaning industry. 

As a small business, we were overwhelmed with the various aspects of digital marketing. We Googled for suitable agencies and stumbled upon Logan and his team at solomoIT. We approached Logan, and by the end of the initial consultation were at ease.

He seemed to know what he was talking about when it comes to web design, mobile marketing and social media. By the end of the stipulated period, we had a user-friendly website that facilitates online transactions, social media presence and also a mobile website. The best part is our business stands out from the crowd on search engines as well, thanks to which, we’ve seen a good increase in leads and revenue.

We continue to work closely with Logan and have allowed his team to manage our online presence in the foreseeable future. We highly recommend Logan and his team for wants to his team online success.”

About solomoIT

SolomoIT is a digital marketing agency, based in Sydney, Australia, offering fully integrated social, local and mobile marketing solutions.

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