12 Steps – To a Successful Social Media Marketing Plan

Social media is no longer a question of “should we” but a question of “how to”.

Businesses have been consistently cutting back on tradition marketing expenses whilst increasing investment in online marketing. And, guess which dimension of online marketing is the best way to reach your customer! Yep, social media! And, this week, we pull back the curtains on how you too can implement a successful social media campaign for your organisation.

Try out this 12-step process, and you’ll see a definite focus and improvement in your social media efforts, and subsequently, to your bottom-line too.


Engaging via LinkedIn – 10 Minutes Per Day – The Pain, Prescription and Pills Series – Part 2 How to Handle Customer Complaints in Social Media




Here it is; Part 2 of the Pain, Prescription and Pills Series, where I’m going to do a health check on LinkedIn Engagement practices to diagnose what the shortcomings are.

When involved in any type of business, you’re going to run into customer complaints. This is simply the nature of the beast and is something that’s inevitable.

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