5 SEO Tips – to Optimise your Small Business Website for Local Search

Online marketing has played a pivotal role in helping small businesses achieve business goals. This week we will be looking into an important aspect of your online marketing strategy – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how it helps your business to be found online for Local Searches.

First of all let’s understand what Local Search is. This is a very simple concept: Any search conducted on Google (which is the most popular search engine today) with the aim of finding a product/service provider in a specific geographical area is defined as a Local Search. E.g. “digital marketing in Sydney.” Go ahead, try it!


Online LinkedIn Training – Taking your Online Reputation to the Next Level Social Literacy as a Competitive Advantage


Enhance your personal & company online reputation via our step by step online LinkedIn video training.

For businesses this has already generated massive opportunities to better connect with customers and other stakeholders

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