Are You Measuring Your

Social Media ROI?

Social media has revolutionised consumer behaviour in numerous ways making it impossible to be ignored. Your customers are all out there, logging into Facebook, Twitter etc. connecting with friends and family, looking for entertainment and exchanging product/service reviews. The sheer pace of information exchange has resulted in some comparing this phenomenon to “word-of-mouth on steroids”.


An organisation’s social media strategy needs to be solid for the very reason that social media, done right, can facilitate meaningful connections and engagement with the target audience. These connections and engagement lead to customer loyalty, brand recognition and revenue. However, ask yourself, “is your business’s social media presence meaningful or are you doing it for the sake of it”?






Getting L.E.A.D.S with LinkedIn just got Easier


Check out how one of 2012’s Top 50 iPhone apps, CardMunch, will help
you get L.E.A.D.S. via
Linkedin easier.


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5 Big Changes in Social Media
Since January 2013


The fabulous world of social media
has undergone numerous
changes during the
recent past.


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