Online Engagement Made Easy for Your SME Business: Share Your Story As It Happens!

As a forward looking SME Business, this is your chance to get closer to your target market and interact with your audience on a much more personalised level than was previously possible through other Social Media Campaign tactics.

Android in partnership with Facebook, is now making Live Video Streaming feature available for Android users, and that includes your customers too!

So, [bctt tweet=”if you are running a SME Business, this is your time to rise and shine with Live Video Streaming.”]

Live Video Streaming

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How to use Live Video Streaming when doing Facebook Marketing for Small Business?

[bctt tweet=”You can use Live Video Streaming to personalise your messages and engage with your audience more effectively”], by:

  • Providing your audience with sneak peeks in a regular business day at your company
  • Taking your audience through behind the scene clips explaining your point of differentiation
  • Sharing your SME business industry news and knowledge valuable to your audience
  • Providing live demos to introduce new products or services to your customers
  • Runing a live Q&A session to address the concerns of your SME business online customers and show that you care!
  • Hosting live how to video to provide your customers with the knowledge they are looking for!
  • Having real time communication with your audience to build a stronger relationship.

Who is it for?

Practically anyone, but especially beneficial for a SME Business that has been struggling so far to share the spotlight with their bigger counterparts.

  • Cosmetics business (how to tutorials)
  • Food and beverage industry ( live recipes, testimonials)
  • Selling handmade items ( how to create a product / a regular day in the life of your business)
  • Services such as dry cleaning, pest control etc. (behind the scenes shots)
  • Tradie business (short interviews with employees or clients)
  • Education (conduct live trainings)
  • And the list goes on!

What’s in it for your audience?

Live video streaming works on the same principles that drive engagement on all social media platforms. This form of Facebook Marketing for Small Business will address your customers:

  • Need for Curiosity: [bctt tweet=”Live video streaming helps your audience watch content that they might not see by any other means.”]
  • Need for Recognition: Since the broadcaster can address the viewers by their names, get them to interact and be part of the show, [bctt tweet=”live video streaming help participants feel recognised and valued.”]
  • Need to Feel Connected: [bctt tweet=”Live video streaming helps viewers feel connected and be part of a unique activity not available anywhere else!”]

How to get the most out of it for your Small Business!

You can leverage this highly engaging feature by:

  • Building anticipation about your Facebook live video streaming by telling your followers in advance!
  • Asking your viewers to subscribe to get notification when your go live.
  • Engage on a one-on-one personalised level by directly talking to your fans.

Sounds exciting but too much of work?

Absolutely not!

Once you have this Facebook feature enabled on your Android, all you need to do is tap the “What’s on your mind” button above the News Feed and click the Live Video icon and you are all set to broadcast your first live video!

If you are trying to leverage this new exciting feature to increase your brand engagement by multiple folds, we can help!

At SolomoIT, we are a team of Digital Marketing experts and can assist you in creating and running your Social Media Campaign. We are actively involved in promoting SME Business owners seeking to outsource online marketing services. We have helped a number of small and medium businesses in Australia from industries as diverse as finance and real estate to food and tradie businesses, in developing a strong digital presence and generate more leads online.

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